NFL Ends Lockout: What That Means to Me, the fan


I’ll be honest, there were times I felt like I, and the rest of fans, were forgotten about. It seems like the NFL forgot about itself at times as well. The most crucial aspect of all this Lockout, CBA, and $$$$ talks remains that we are referring to a game. That’s right, a game. Something simple that found a way to be overcomplicated with all the rules of the last few years, and made worse by the politics we’ve witnessed this summer. Something complicated enough for most of our girlfriends to get confused over. Yet something amazing enough to create bonds with people over the internet that we’ve never met and weren’t looking for. It’s football and it’s a band-aid for how most people deal with the strife we find in our everyday lives.

This summer reminded me of the band-aid being ripped off. It’s an oxymoron really. The band-aid isn’t supposed to hurt. So why did the NFL hurt as, the fans?

I think that’s why most fans are angry. That little piece of entertainment that we took so seriously and with such loyalty turned on us, or so it seemed and that’s confusing. Why take something so fun and so simple and make it a point of near misery. This is my complaint, and I believe it’s the complaint of most fans out there. It’s not hard to get in a room with a judge and get it settled. It cam across as if both sides just wanted something to bicker about. It seemed as though they should’ve been embarrassed, I was.

Come to think of it, it was like our parents were arguing and we were a helpless little child in the corner saying,”Why get mad over something so simple”. I’m sure the average psychologist would tell us that there were deepseeded issues, but I don’t care.

Now, we get to skip the boring stuff. We get to here about actual football. We get to here about possible free-agent signings. We get to here speculatory articles about how well our teams might do, and then complain that we were ranked too low. We get to hear about how the rookies might play and most of all–We don’t get to hear about how the Lockout might end any day now.

Free Agency should begin Tuesday and that excites all of us, after that we’ll start Fantasy Football talks and then trash-talking.

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