Titan Sized Interviews Cornerback Alterraun Verner


Titans Starting Cornerback Alterraun Verner was kind enough to do an interview with us here at Titan Sized and gave us some great insight such as a breakout player on defense and the toughest wide receiver that he guarded.

What was your favorite moment during your rookie season?

My favorite moment was probably my first start when I came down the tunnel and they announced my name. That was a special moment for me.

How does it feel to have your rookie season behind you?

It is weird. That I am considered a vet now. I enjoyed being a rookie and all it’s perks. You got special recognition and excuses for being young, but now I don’t have that anymore.

Who did you find to be the most challenging wide receiver to go up against?

I didn’t get to guard some of the most elite guys, but the most challenging was Brandon lloyd.

And who wound up being the most difficult quarterback to defend against?

Peyton manning, no question!

With the nickel package being a staple in an NFL defense today, three corners are able to play a large percentage of their defense’s snaps as opposed to two. With that in mind, would you rather play on the outside or in the nickel position moving forward?

Either or, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Nickel you get to do a lot more, blitzing dropping in coverage etc. But it is more difficult than outside.

Aside from the obvious lack of contact with your coaching staff, in what other ways has the lockout affected you and your teammates?

Not being able to work with my teammates in a setting with pads and plays. Building that chemistry with the rookies and others. Especially with us having new coordinators. So that is what I think mostly.

How did the practices organized by Cortland Finnegan and Jake Scott go?

I don’t know, I was in school taking finals. So I was not present. I assume they were good.

Who do you see as being a  breakout player on defense for the Titans in 2011, besides yourself?

Breakout: Derrick Morgan or Jason McCourty.

Derrick, didn’t get a real chance to shine because of his injury, but I expect big things from him.

McCourty: awesome football player and I know he is going to be on the field and make plays.

I read recently that you were able to finish up and get your degree from UCLA. A lot of people would tell you that a degree wasn’t necessary because you earn a lot playing in the NFL. What would you tell them?

I would tell them that NFL stands for “not for long” which means I can be out this league at any point. Being a fourth rounder and everything surrounding my persona points to my job security being shaky. So a degree is essential because I have to make a living after football God wiling.

Once again, BIG thanks to Alterraun for doing the interview and the best of luck to him and his teammates in 2011!!