2009 NFL Mock Draft


Over the next few weeks you will notice a lot of draft-centered articles as I’m building up the draft content on the site. You can click here to visit the draft section.

We start off with my 2009 Mock Draft. I know, it’s outdated, but it’s the Lockout, what else is there to read? I wanted to have a copy of this old thing on the site to look back and compare. Unfortunately, you will notice the bad writing and bad explanations, but the important thing is that the picks are in. Click if you dare.

1    Matthew Stafford
QB, Georgia

The league has become a quarterback league even more now, let culpepper start and stafford learn. It will be good, hes got talent around him and after another draft, he will have talent and be ready to go.
2    Eugene Monroe
OT, Virginia
St. Louis

Someone has to replace Orlando Pace, fix it while you know you can. With no line, how do you expect to use Steven Jackson (one of todays best backs imo). Oh and Bulger would like to stand up for a few plays…
3    Michael Crabtree
WR, Texas Tech
Kansas City

Todd Haley plus Matt Cassel plus Dwayne Boye plus Crabtree= strong AFC west contenders. Heard it here first.
4    Aaron Curry
OLB, Wake Forest

Lost Julian Peterson, replace him with a younger version. Get a tackle in round 2 like Jamon Meredith, and wr in later rounds, they can be found, ask Housh.
5    Brian Orakpo
DE, Texas

Rush the passer, they dont understand it, but it needs to be done. Alternative pick is B.J. Rajii to replace Shaun Rodgers if they do move him, but i cant make room for possible trades.
6    Jason Smith
OT, Baylor

Carson Palmer and his bloody pre-season face would love a pass protector. Great situation. They can get LeSean McCoy or Donald Brown early in second, then go find a wideout later that can learn. Maybe a few lineman here and there. Dhani will tackle the globe and the competition. Bengals defense was good last year, believe it or not.
7    B.J. Raji

This free’s up the ends. Maybe they want a hyrbid for some reason, i dont know why, its al davis. But, this would help free the de’s they have. Replace Warren Sapp with a lesser version, or is he?
8    Andre Smith
OT, Alabama

Why not? Tape says he is good, he is young and impressionable. Let Tra Thomas teach him to be a man off the field. Let him play, and play well. Possible Pro Bowler at RT.

No Sanchez because you do not invest top 10 money on the bench for a possible multiple years. Trade here is predicted because they know that smith or oher will be available later, trade far enough down and look at Peria Jerry.
9    Malcolm Jenkins
CB, Ohio State
Green Bay

S or Corner, it doesnt matter because Green Bay can move personnel around to adjust. Defensive secondary needs long-term talent. Here it is.
10    Mark Sanchez
San Francisco

Do you really think Shaun Hill justifies passing here?
11    Robert Ayers
DE, Tennessee

They need defensive end help here. I believe Ayers justifiies it. Does Buffalo believe? I really dont know but this is my mock and they dont get a vote.
12    Tyson Jackson

Best 34 end in the draft, build that D.
13    Michael Oher
OT, Mississippi

Their line is getting old.
14    Peria Jerry
DT, Mississippi
New Orleans

Sedrick Ellis was the only DT with a sack last year and he had 4. Let Jerry rotate with all the other DT’s at first and then take over. Oh, out of all active DT’s for New Orleans last year, only Ellis will be under 31 next year. They did have one rookie injured but he was a late round flyer. Stop the run in the NFC South.
15    Vontae Davis
CB, Illinois

Dunta Robinson may not be back. They have secondary issues.
16    Jeremy Maclin
WR, Missouri
San Diego

Chris Chambers is slowing. You dont waste a Philip Rivers. Thanks for that line Terry, even though i changed names and i cant stand Philp off the field.
17    Chris Wells
RB, Ohio State
NY Jets

Thomas Jones is getting old, blah blah blah. Hes still good, but you got washington as change of pace so you get a big guy to go with him for the future. Maybe im wrong, i dont pay that much attention to the jets.
18    Rey Maualuga

34 just got stouter with a hard hitting ILB.
19    Everette Brown
Tampa Bay

Ooh, wouldnt this be fun to watch across from Gaines Adams?
20    James Laurinaitis
ILB, Ohio State

This team is getting better, still no on the playoffs but they just got much better. This guy has been ripped apart by analysts and i wonder if scouts laugh at them.
21    Knowshon Moreno
RB, Georgia

Brian Westrbooks understudy, As SlvrGun loves to point out, the kid is great. Who else has moves like this and runs between the tackles. Thats a Reggie Bush joke if you didnt get that.
22    Percy Harvin
WR, Florida

A downfield threat for whoever plays QB, also a dump option for when they get chased. Maybe a O-lneman here, but i thought they were rated too high, just me. Production equals a pick on this mock.
23    Aaron Maybin
DE, Penn State
New England

Production equals a pick on this mock, not necessarily a consensus pick, but a pick none-the-less. Is he a one-year wonder, can he play with the extra 15 pounds? I cant say, can anyone?
24    Brandon Pettigrew

Lethal for years, keep your qb safe, give him hands that can break away from covereage. This could be great, draft secondary in the next few rounds though because you lost two starters.
25    Brian Cushing

More help on the other side of Joey Porter, another solid outside linebacker could confuse teams in blitz packages an make it more of a surprise when Porter enters the backfield, where he seemed to live last year.
26    Clay Matthews

Bart Scott is gone, use Ray Lewis to train while you got him.
27    Darius Butler
CB, Connecticut

Kelvin Hayden is overrated imo and they need to strengthen this, and i believe this is value
28    Louis Delmas

You guys messed up big!
29    Hakeem Nicks
NY Giants

Braylon Edwards….that could change this pick, the browns might have it. Dont blow your shot at a wr, you have no big play guy and i feel thats all you need. You dont waste a manning do you terry?
30    Alphonso Smith
CB, Wake Forest

Lost Chris Carr and youre getting old.
31    Larry English

Travis Laboy needs help.
32    Eben Britton
OT, Arizona

You know why this is the pick. I do not need to explain.