What Veterans Are Available to Sit Behind Locker


I don’t feel that Locker needs a mentor but it is in the best interest of the franchise to have a veteran presence behind Locker in the event that something does happen to Locker, such as an injury. Whoever the veteran would be, they would by default serve a mentoring-type role for Locker.

Who’s available? Let’s start with Kerry Collins, Titans free-agent to be.
Collins would be great to have on the bench behind Locker, mostly due to his familiarity with the offense and it’s personnel. Collins has been in the league so many years that there is virtually no chance a situation will arise that he is not familiar with. He was known to be a good mentor to Vince Young, how could this not be advantageous to Locker?

Matthew–not Matt–  Hassebeck(Seahawks). I haven’t really watched too much of him in recent years, but from what I was able to keep up with, he seemed too hot and cold as well as injury-prone. These leads me to still favor Collins over Hasselbeck. I don’t really want anyone injury-prone on my football team. I guess if he’s a backup and never plays, it would work.

Marc Bulger (Rams then Ravens). He was great in his prime and then he fell off due to a horrible offensive line situation. He never was the same. Reminds me too much of David Carr and how he played like a chicken with his head cut off behind a porous line. I don’t want him unless he is, again, a backup that never plays and just helps Locker learn from his experiences.

These are all the big-name soon-to-be free agents at the QB position that would give the Titans that veteran presence.

The Others:

Seneca Wallace (Seahawks then Browns) wouldn’t be bad but I just don’t think he could give Locker the experience that any of the 3 listed above could. Wallace never consistently started and has always been a great backup. Nothing more.

I’m not a fan of Matt Moore (Carolina). He was just okay, sometimes seeming to be solid for them but he doesn’t have the veteran experience that someone like Collins, Hasselbeck, or Bulger would add.

Matt Leinart (Cardinals then Texans) has never done anything worthy of his draft stock and failed to translate his Heisman status to the NFL. He might not be that bad but he just has never proven anything. Wouldn’t you agree? Add in that he is supposedly a locker room cancer and i say no….just no. We have a great young locker room with at the least decent character individuals (sans Kenny Britt and his off-field mistakes) and we don’t need to add a risk as merely a backup.

Vince Young…..believe me, I’ll tell you all how I feel about this later.