Let’s make a Deal: Titans Edition


In 1989 the Dallas Cowboys made a move the set the table for them to dominate the Nineties. They took Herschel Walker, coming off of two consecutive Pro Bowl seasons and dealt him in the prime of his career. In return for one player the Cowboys received six players and five draft picks, which helped propel them to three world championships in the next seven years. Why is this relevant to Titan fans? Our team needs to do the same thing.

The Titans have in their possession the most explosive weapon in the NFL. The thought of having Chris Johnson on their team makes offensive coordinators drool and makes opposing defensive coordinators invest in Tylenol. The man has elusiveness not seen in the league since Barry Sanders and his speed is downright unfair. This is a prime opportunity for the Titans the make a serious upgrade to their franchise over the long term.

Why trade CJ is he is such a dangerous weapon? The Titans offense is young. It will take time to season their young receiving corps along with getting Jake Locker in a position to succeed. By the time the rest of the offense has had the opportunity to mature CJ will be looking at the downside of his career.

He is in his prime right now. This means the value the Titans can get in return will never be higher. Right now the minimum they would get is two first round picks. I initially thought of the deal between the Broncos and the Bears, but being for a quarterback I imagine that to inflate the value of the transaction.

Another reason to move Cj now? What does it always come down to? Money. Johnson already held out last season demanding more money. He knows longevity at the running back position is not on his side, and if he wants the big bucks I suggest the Titans let someone else shell it out. It makes no sense to pay for past production in the present. Giving Cj a huge contract now that will only escalate in salary cap problems for the Titans as his production decreases over his career.

Will it be popular? Not at first. But it will pay huge dividends over the long haul and if the goal is to win the Super Bowl, as it should be, the Titans have to worry about doing what’s right. Not what’s popular.