View From Across The Pond – This Brit backs Britt


Kenny Britt may have the pace to burn most defensive backs in the NFL, but his speed hasn’t been quick enough to help him out run the police in the last week or so.

The Titans wide receiver is facing a whole heap of legal problems, with two arrests in New Jersey now being followed by arrest warrants in Tennessee for alleged inaccuracies in driving licence applications.

Whilst the crimes are not in the league of Michael Vick or Plexico Burress, it’s a distraction rookie head coach Mike Munchak could well do without.

In fact Munchak, along with every NFL fan, must be thinking that the end of the lockout can’t come quick enough, so that he can get his star wide out back in the fold as soon as possible.

It’s imperative that Britt is brought back into the bosom of the team, away from the distractions of New Jersey. The question is will Munchak, and more importantly the NFL cut Britt some slack.

The Titans made more headlines for off the field misdemeanours than on the field excellence in the latter years of Jeff Fisher’s tenure and it will be interesting to see how Munchak handles his more colourful characters.

One thing is certain though; he cannot afford to ditch Britt, if his offense is to have any other weapon than CJ2K in 2011.

Britt is without a doubt the main deep threat the Titans have, catching the longest pass of the season last year with an 80 yard grab and although there are Justin Gage and Nate Washington who can also go deep, Britt is the key man as his average yards per catch show.

Not that the Titans are expected to go deep often next season. Should No 1 draft pick, Jake Locker take on the starting role, then he won’t be expected to throw many bombs. In fact most criticism from his final season at Washington and in his pre-draft workouts was his inaccuracy in throwing the ball downfield.

Should Kerry Collins return he does not have the arm to throw many deep balls, with an average of 6.6 yards per pass, whilst Rusty Smith is, and will probably remain, an unknown quantity. Ideally Vince Young would be starting QB, but we all know that’s never going to happen.

So unless the Titans are happy to let Chris Johnson become a one man offense, keeping Kenny Britt is a must. And if Munchak does that, then this Brit will be a happy man.