Joe Owens of Toro Times took the time to share his thoughts on the Titans. Toro Times ..."/> Joe Owens of Toro Times took the time to share his thoughts on the Titans. Toro Times ..."/>

Toro Times Examines The Titans


Special Guest writer Joe Owens of Toro Times took the time to share his thoughts on the Titans. Toro Times is the Fansided blog that covers the Houston Texans. This should be interesting. Check out Toro Times here.

Are the Tennessee Titans now in a state of rebuilding once the official offseason begins? We here at Toro Times believe it to be so. With many holes to fill other than running back and the tackle positions. These positions along with the defensive secondary are the only positions really set in stone. The Titans have a lot of work to do coming into the 2011 season.

Along with the Head Coach Mike Munchak there is going to be a lot new in Nashville. There will be some new faces in the Tennessee locker room as well as new faces pacing up & down the sidelines. Without admitting that the Tennessee Titans are rebuilding let’s concede that they are not far from it.

The Titans got defensive this past NFL draft, other than Jake Locker and a 6th round offensive lineman the once mighty Titans chose all players from the defensive side of the ball including two linebackers that could be the future in Nashville. There is still plenty of  interest around the facility in resigning linebacker Stephen Tulloch even though the Titans selected two linebackers in the first four rounds of the draft. Tulloch led the team in tackles the last two seasons and to not get the linebacker back onto the roster could add to the argument of the Titans sliding more & more toward being in a rebuilding state.

Re-signing Kerry Collins would seem like a key point to address once the lockout is over. However, Titans guard Jake Scott said on SiriusXM Radio that Collins might retire. This would lead one to believe that the Titans will definitely sign a veteran quarterback once free agency opens up. Which veteran QB is anyones guess.

As the Titans currently sit, Rusty Smith would be the teams starting QB after deciding to part ways with Vince Young. But when General Manager Mike Reinfeldt recently commented that “He (Rusty Smith) might not be a starter, but he could be a pretty darn good backup for a while.” One could probably derive from the statement that Smith is probably a stop gap fill-in type guy along with whichever veteran QB the Titans decide to sign while awaiting a time when the organization is confident that 8th overall pick Jake Locker is ready for a shot at the starting position.

Unless Chris Johnson improves on his blitz pick-ups, the Titans address the interior of O-line by injecting some much needed youth and Michael Roos finds his play from 2008, it’s palpable to expect the amount of sacks given up by the offense to increase and
Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer will have his hands full.

All that for the OC along with taking on recently drafted Washington Huskies quarterback Jake Locker. Although once Locker works on his decision making, footwork, accuracy and when the game slows down, which usually happens after a players first full season, then we believe Locker should be alright. The kid has great athletisism and that is if Locker puts in the work needed to become a team-leading QB in this league. Jake Lockers 54% college completion percentage shouldn’t discourage the Titan faithful. Remember other NFL QBs who’s college completion percentages were low also were Micheal Vick-54%, McNair-55%, Brunell-53% all good QBs with Vick breaking out in 2010.

Aside from The QB position and Kenny Britt’s future up in the air, Nate Washington is the only non-question at wide receiver. Damian Williams showed some potential at the wide receiving spot last year and could end up being a mainstay if given a shot and assuming Williams answers the call.

D-line coach Tracy Rocker, who coached at Auburn last year could help to get 7th round pick Zach Clayton into the interior line rotation from the start.

With Kenny Britt’s recent arrest leaving the Titans with what is already a very depleted receiving core, especially with the unlikely return of free agent Randy Moss, the Titans, although not exactly admitting to being in a classic rebuilding state at the moment, look to be well on the way to being just that. Look for the Tennessee Titans to end up in the bottom 3rd or 4th of this upcoming years power rankings and probably finishing the season some where around last years record of 6-10 although that could be us here at Toro Times being a bit generous.