Titans QB Kerry Collins Likely to Mentor Rookie QB Jake Locker


As you know, Titans QB Vince Young will be cut or traded almost immediately after the new CBA is in place for the NFL and the NFLPA* (not really a players association anymore). So, that leaves free agent Kerry Collins, Rusty Smith (2 games experience) and rookie Jake Locker who was taken 8th overall. There were some questions about whether or not Kerry Collins would return and then further on, whether he would be open to a mentor style role with Locker, if Locker were to start.

Well, those questions are no longer questions, thanks to Titans beat writer Jim Wyatt. Who you can follow on twitter here.

The following are the recent tweets about Kerry Collins delivered by way of Wyatt on twitter:

Just talked to Kerry Collins at Celebrity Softball Game and he said he definitely wants to come back to #Titans for 2011

"Collins said he has no plans to retire, but is also interested to see how things play out with the team after the lockout. #Titans“Physically, I def. have a couple of yrs left in me,” Collins said. “If it makes sense on both sides, I’d be good to come back.’”#TitansAs for how the lockout impacts his chances of return: “The longer this thing goes,” Collins said, “the better it could work out for me.’’As 4 potentially grooming Locker, Collins said: “I went through it w/ Vince. I would be open to it but it would have to b the right thing”Collins said he’s been working out and is in great shape. Asked about retirement: “I haven’t gone there yet.” #Titans"

Keep in mind that there is a 140-character limit. Wyatt doesn’t really write like a 14-year old girl when saying “As 4 potentially…”. If you use twitter, you understand but for those that don’t, I just wanted to clarify.

So, what do you think? It sounds to me that Collins wants to start but if he has to make millions as a backup that helps the rookie learn the ins and outs of the NFL, he is ok with that as well. The latter seems to be the more likely route, unless the front office decides to sit Locker his rookie year in the same way the Bengals did with QB Carson Palmer. I’ve heard that both will happen and I’ll be looking more into that soon to give you a little update.

A big ‘thank you’ to Wyatt for posting that on twitter and not holding onto those quotes until an article (which I’m sure is soon to follow) comes out.