According to multiple  

According to multiple

Reports of Kenny Britt Arrested


According to multiple sources, Kenny Britt has been arrested and charged with two counts of resisting arrest. One count is a disorderly persons offense but the second is a third-degree crime, which carries a possible sentence of 3 to 5 years in prison upon conviction.

CBS has reported:

"Britt was issued a summons and will have to show up in Central Judicial Processing Court in Jersey City on June 16, eight days since his last court appearance.According to, the complaint says Britt “did purposely prevent or attempt to prevent a public servant from lawfully performing an official function by means of force or violence, specifically by refusing to open your hand when ordered to do so then pulling your hand away.” Britt was charged with using his body “to push away from the officers” and pulled his arm away “while not allowing the officers to handcuff” him."

If this is true, this is going to be a major blow to the Titans hopes in the 2011 season. Being arrested a day after pleading guilty to careless driving, I don’t think Kenny would escape jail time with this one. I sit dumbfounded, praying that this report is wrong.

From my understanding, the police have yet to confirm this report, so keep your fingers crossed.

Update (4:51 CT) :

It is true that Kenny Britt was arrested, though things seem a little less serious than reported. Here’s a great link by the Tennessean that further explains the situation and what happened. It appears Britt was being stupid, but that everything is a little blown out of proportion.

"According to a complaint, narcotics officers arrested Britt in Hoboken after he destroyed/discarded physical evidence after two officers approached him. The complaint said Britt had a hand rolled cigar leaf “containing suspected marijuana” and he broke it with his “hand and therefore making it unavailable to the investigating officers.”Hudson County prosecutor Edward DeFazio, however, pointed out that no drug charges were filed against Britt and no drugs were found at the scene."

You can’t investigate a broken cigar, really? Did he make it completely disappear? Did he scream “Flame on!” as the cigar in question disappeared? To me it sounds like a case of profiling. From what we’ve got here, it doesn’t say they smelt marijuana or Britt was acting suspiciously. It says Britt had a hand rolled cigar and the police suspected it contained marijuana. The only thing Britt is guilty of according to this, is being idiotic in the fact that he broke the cigar (which apparently destroys any evidence you could get from it).

"“I don’t like to say this, but these things in the overall scheme of things are not the most serious matters we have to deal with,’’ said DeFazio, who last week downgraded a felony charge against Britt from the April 12 arrest to misdemeanors.“But he just can’t seem to avoid people and places that present problems. This incident, on the face of it, is not very serious. … Maybe he is acting out because of the lockout.”"

It’s a serious disappointment for all us fans no doubt. But things could be worse… not by much but still…. Maybe now he moves to Tennessee and leaves this New Jersey trouble behind (ha ha). A man can dream, right?

I strongly advise looking at the Tennessean article. It also includes a time line and description of the five previous times Britt has been in trouble since being 2010.

Somebody wake this kid up or else pretty soon it’ll be game over.