Why Titans Should Pass on Plaxico Burress


Former Steelers then Giants WR Plaxico Burress was released from jail today, after serving 22 months. He is now a free agent.

Burress was 6’5″ and 232 lbs when he last played and he will be 34 when the season starts.

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Let’s take a quick look at stats:

From age 23-27, Burress played with the Pittsburgh Steelers and he averaged 52.2 receptions, 832.8 yards, 4.4 TD’s and 1 fumble per year. These numbers were above average considering that the Steelers primarily ran the ball. The numbers were also over the 71 games he played in, starting 66.

From age 28-31, Burress played for the New York Football Giants (maybe the football part is so as to not be confused with the MLB’s San Francisco Giants?).Anyway, Burress averaged 61 receptions, 920.25 yards, 8 touchdowns and didn’t fumble the last two seasons after fumbling three times in his first two with the Giants. Buress clearly got better.

A few big things to note are that Burress hit 10 TD’s then 12 TD’s before his ‘injury’ in 2008 when he only had 4 TD’s in

One more stat on Buress:

Yards per reception with Steelers–>15.95 per year

Giants–>15.08 per year

He dropped but it was still great.

Titans WR’s Under Contracts (Base Salaries)

WR Kenny Britt:




21014–>Free Agent

WR Yamon Figurs

2011–>signed an unknown reserve/future contract

WR Justin Gage

2011–>3.5 million

2012–>Free Agent

WR Lavelle Hawkins


2012–>Free Agent

WR Marc Mariani




2014–>Free Agent

WR Randy Moss

2011–>Free Agent

WR Nate Washington

2011–>3.3 million

2012–>3.4 million

2013–>4.2 million

2014–>4.8 million

2015–>Free Agent

In case you’re wondering, Washington was guaranteed 9 million dollars.

WR Damian Williams




2014–>Free Agent

The first problem we have noticed is that Nate Washington is making far too much money, otherwise there would be plenty of cap room for Burress, in the event they did decide to bring him to the team.

Here is why I believe that Burress would be a bad decision: the youth movement at the position. The Titans have what could be a special wide receiver corps. If they were to let Damian Williams play on the outside more and work Marc Mariani into the slot position, they could save money and and more than likely add production. I say keep Justin Gage for this season even though he is seeming to be burnt out. He can add great depth if he doesn’t start and it is only one more season. Nate Washington could get cut any day now. His pay far exceeds the production.

Now, the only question is how bad did Randy Moss burn the Titans?

What do you think?