NFL Mocks Interview on Titans 2011 Draft Class


I recently had a chance to talk to Jesse Bartolis of NFL Mocks, the Fansided site most driven on feeding your NFL Draft appetite. If you would like to see how NFL Mocks compares with other draft experts, cilck here. Jesse beat Mike Mayock of the NFL Network when their mock drafts were compared….he is worth reading.

Continue reading to see what he has to say, including who could make the biggest impact in 2011.

BC: Who do you see as having the big impact in this class, outside of Locker?

JB: If you’re talking about just this year, the player most likely to make an immediate impact is Akeem Ayers. He lacks the great speed measurable, and he’s more a seek and tackler in run suppor than he is a tank, despite his size, but he has a good all around game.

He won’t be taken off the field. He can rush the passer from the DE in the 43, he can cover in zone very well and either bat passes or intercept passes. He’s a very solid all around player who will probably start this year.

The future could be Jurrell Casey. Former scout Dave Razzano has said about Casey “if you’re doing a remock draft of this class in five years, Casey’ll be a top 7 player”. That’s pretty high praise.

BC: What are your thoughts on the selection of Locker?

JB: I had no problem with it, especially since I mocked him to the Titans in the Huddle Report and it helped me finish 8th overall. The Titans needed a Quarterback. Locker has the mobility, arm strength, and leadership that teams desire. Is he a unanmious first round selection? No. But neither was Josh Freeman. And now it looks silly for those who didn’t think he was a first round pick.

BC: Any final thoughts?

JB: Overall the Titans had a solid draft. They did an excellent job in rounds two through 5, though I like Harper I thought he’d go in the 5-7 round range and there were better players available (a Brandon Burton would have been a great value pick). They did a very good draft.

On some boards they ended up with three first round talents in the first three rounds with Locker, Ayers, and Casey at positions of needs. Considering the majority of long term N.F.L. players come out of the early rounds, you can’t ask for much more.

Good job by the Titans.

Jesse also went on to say that second rounder Akeem Ayers will play well in coverage and that he didn’t see any terrible system fits in the entire class, such as a 34 rushbacker playing in the wrong defense.

All-in-all, we’ve learned that the Lead Editor/ Mike Mayock defeater of NFL Mocks has given this class his stamp of approval. Titans fans, this is a class worth being excited about.