Titans Score Low Among NFL Franchises


Adam Schein, of Fox Sports, recently ranked all 32 NFL franchises in his annual organizational rankings. The rankings are done with 6 categories: Owner, Quarterback, Coach, Front Office, Coaching Staff, and Intangibles.  Each of these categories can be ranked up to 10 points and the total score gives you the franchise score. The Green Bay Packers finished atop the rankings this year with a total score of 56. The Titans managed a paltry 17.5. Carolina and Buffalo were the two to fall behind Tennessee in Scheins Rankings.

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Scheins explanation:

"30. TENNESSEE TITANS: 17.5Owner: 1Quarterback: 2Coach: 3Front office: 4Coaching staff: 5.5Intangibles: 2What if I told you in 2009 that both Jeff Fisher and Vince Young would be ex-Titans in 2011? This team has issues."

Wow! He really went into detail on that!

Owner, we can go back and forth on this topic and since I don’t particularly know what caused him to rank Bud Admas so low,  I’ll skip it.

The Quarterback position is under considerable change, that doesn’t qualify his ranking. I would argue that Jake Locker will be a better rookie than some starters from 2010. However, we don’t know that former Pro Bowler Kerry Collins won’t play in 2011. The ranking of 2 is not well justified.

Head Coach Mike Munchak has coached within the organization since 1994 after playing for 12 years as well as being selected to the “1980s All-Decade Team”. This equates to a 3/10?

Front Office with a 4, well I’m not entirely sure where this came from. I feel like the Titans Front Office has done well in recent years. Mike Reinfeldt in particular drafted well the past 4 years.

Coaching Staff gets a 5.5……why are they that much higher than the lowly ranked head coach who hired them? Shouldn’t he have a high grade for properly delegating. I would rank any president of the USA with a high grade if he got a good cabinet (coaching staff). This makes no sense to me.

Intangibles with a 2. I blame public perception on WR Kenny Britt and owner Bud Adams greeting the Buffalo Bills as pictured above.

AFC South

6. Indianapolis Colts

18. Houston Texans

27. Jaguars

All in all, I feel that any one man ranking the entire league will face a lot of criticism. It’s a full-time job keeping up with one team. How he could possibly do that with correctness and in full detail for 32 teams….well, I have my doubts.

What do you think?