Washington QB Jake Locker, The Draft Study

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Jake Locker has been examined more than a lab rat. Before the 2010 season, it was a widely known fact that Locker would be the first overall pick in 2011. It was also a widely known fact that locker would’ve been drafted ahead of Sam Bradford (2010 first overall pick, St Louis Rams) had he come out after his junior season. Locker stayed, and now he’s looked at as anywhere from top-10 to the middle of the second round.

His big positives:

  • rocket arm
  • throwing on the run
  • scrambling ability
  • Pro-style offense experience

His two big negatives:

  • inaccuracy
  • too much running, leading to a body that’s too exhausted at the end of the game and higher risk of injury (Gruden’s comment)

These are some pretty big positives and negatives. Let’s poke and prode.