Titan Sized Report: Shutout

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Offensive Line – F

Michael Roos getting blown off the ball on the opening play of the game was difficult to watch (at least it was Mario Williams).    Eugene Amano getting injured was the killing blow for an offensive line that never seemed in sync with their rookie quarterback.  The Titan O-line committed 5 penalties for 30 yards.  This unit has to play better down the stretch.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends – F

Justin Gage could have done Smith a huge favor and caught his first pass of the game.  Still, Gage was Smith’s go-to receiver on Sunday.  The call for an end around reverse to Nate Washington after the Titan’s initial first down was embarrassing.  This unit could not welcome back Kenny Britt any sooner.  Randy Moss is completely useless if the Titans cannot get the ball to him.

Running Backs – NEC (Not enough carries)

Chris Johnson did not see the ball nearly enough or early enough.  When he did it was an obvious run-situation and found himself trying to avoid a Texan in the backfield.  This is not only a play-calling problem, because frequently the Titans found themselves in 2nd / 3rd and long situations because of poor offensive line play or a penalty.  No CJ2K = no chance.

Quarterback – F

Rusty Smith clearly was not ready.  He did make several good throws and sometimes saw the coverages well.  He also made several ugly passes.  His eagerness to prove himself as a deep throwing pocket passer cost him and the Titans, in a game where the Texans could easily have been picked apart with shorter routes.

Titan Player of the Week:

Justin Gage (4 receptions, 50 yards) – Other than the drop in the opening drive, Gage came to play.  With Gage, Washington, Britt, and Moss this Titan receiving corps is the most talented it ever has been in Nashville.  The bad news is this is also the worst the Titan quarterback situation has been in Nashville.  Where is Billy Volek when you need him?

Terrible Player of the Week:

Michael Roos (Sack allowed, 2 false starts) – Roos has had an up and down season in 2010.  This is a recipe for disaster with the Titans thin at quarterback and Roos protecting the blindside.  If Michael Roos cannot settle down and play like the Pro Bowl talent he has been the last 2 years the Titans are going to be in really bad shape this year and in the years to come.

Overall Offense Grade – F

Last week, I defended the Titan offense despite the fact they did not score an offensive touchdown.  But in the last 9 quarters the Titan offense has 0 touchdowns.  I also recommended that Titan fans calm down and not give hope.  However, if the Titan offense, under Kerry Collins this week, cannot consistently move the ball down the field, it is time to begin building a draft strategy.