Titan Sized Takes: Fight or Flight

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1. Rusty Smith is not ready. His stats (17-31, 138 yards, 3 interceptions) look a lot better than his performance.  The Houston Texans have arguably the worst secondary in NFL history.  And Glover Quinn (3 interceptions) is quite possibly the worst corner in NFL history.  He might be an NFL starting quarterback one day… but that day is not anytime soon.

2. Jeff Fisher’s job is hanging by a thread. Despite the TitanSized poll and even my personal opinion in the matter, Bud Adams has to be considering Fisher’s future.  Is it the right decision?  Maybe.  Is Bud doing it for the right reasons? No.  Vince Young needs Jeff Fisher and Jeff Fisher (see #1) needs Vince Young.  After this week, Fisher is holding the short straw.

3. Cortland Finnegan vs. Andre Johnson. Who started the fight?  Andre Johnson.  Make no mistake, Finnegan baited AJ into this fight through antagonizing him all game, but Finnegan is not a dirty player.  Dirty players try to injure their opponents.  At the end of the day, Johnson inflicted more physical harm than Finnegan.  Hey, AJ use your words not your fists.

4. Randy Moss will not be a Titan next year. No one is a bigger fan or was more excited about the claiming of Randy Moss, than me.  However, his lack of effort is not going to win him any friends with coaching staff or front office after this year.  The worst part, the gamble not paying off will probably leave a bad taste in the mouth of Mr. Adams and Mike Reinfeldt.

5. Chris Johnson is a victim of an elaborate conspiracy. This is only half-serious.  How do you cheapen the price tag of the best running back in the NFL after a banner season?  Easy, reduce his carries and pull him early from losing efforts.  He is the backbone of the Titan offense, not Vince Young.  And the only way the Titans win going forward will be on his back.