Titan Offense according to Madden11


So do the video game wizards at EA Sports know something about this year’s Tennessee Titans or are they simply reacting to the pedestrian season the Titans turned in last year?

As shared in the first post, here are the player ratings for the Tennessee Titans on Madden NFL 11.  I won’t discuss every player in detail, but here are some thoughts about the some of the ratings for Titans offensive players.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends:

Kenny Britt (82 overall rating) (+6 pts from 2010) – Not a bad boost after a sometimes inconsistent rookie year, but I do like the high “catch in traffic” rating (94).  I hope he truly becomes a real life reception machine, a la Derrick Mason.

Bo Scaife (81) (-3 pts) – Ho hum. Another year, another average rating.  Feel free to continue to trade him in Franchise mode.

Justin Gage (77) (0 pts) – Really?!  This guy is still rated ahead of Nate Washington (76)?

Jared Cook (68) (-7 pts) – Ouch.  This is mostly because of a low “awareness” rating, but I sure hope we’re talking about how wrong EA was about this next year.

Running Backs:

Chris Johnson (99) (+12 pts) – This is the first time in my life the Titans have both the best running back and best player in the NFL.  Good job, anything less than this honor of top rating would have been a disgrace and a complete lack of respect for what CJ2K accomplished last season.  P.S. – Thanks for fixing his carry rating from last year.

LeGarrette Blount (65) (Rookie) – Got it EA.  He punched a guy, therefore cannot have an “awareness” rating above the minimum (30).  That seems a little harsh.  Also, why not Stafon Johnson over Alvin Pearman?


Vince Young (79) (+11 pts) – This is actually a fair rating and a considerable increase from last year’s embarrassing overall rating.  I still don’t understand how EA justifies punishing VY’s throwing power for his off the field and accuracy troubles.  Overall, this is what he has earned after only one year of solid work.  If he wants to see the 80s or 90s again, he will need a follow-up season of equal quality.

Chris Simms (68) (+2 pts) – Why not Rusty Smith?

Offensive Line:

Michael Roos (95) (-2 pts) – Is he behind Ryan Clady (98), Jake Long (96), and Joe Thomas (95) because they are first round picks and he wasn’t? Because I don’t see a 2000 yard rusher behind any of them.

David Stewart (89) (-3 pts) AND Jake Scott (85) (-3 pts) – CJ2K rushes for 2000 yards and they fall 3 points each in overall rating?  Hmm…

Eugene Amano (80) (+6 pts) – Did he steal those 6 points from Stewart and Scott?  If so, change it back.  You had it right the first time.

Leroy Harris (78) (+7 pts) – Another bewildering boost from last year.  The overall rating shifts in this year’s offensive line are simply baffling.


Rob Bironas (93) (-3 pts) – Not sure why they dropped his overall rating 3 points.  This seems a misfire only Nate Kaeding (listed ahead of Bironas) could appreciate.

Overall, it seems EA believes that VY and CJ2K are solely responsible for the turnaround that happened in the second half of the season.  This doesn’t bode well for how they will rate our defensive players.  Check out those ratings and more, next week!