AFC South Offseason Profiles: Jacksonville Jaguars


This article was not my idea. I was contacted by Terry O’Brian, lead blogger over at Black and Teal, the Jaguars blog here, about having some cross talk about our respective teams. So without much more backstory, here is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from a big offseason for the Jacksonville Jaguars

The Good:

1. Signing Aaron Kampman-I think this is an excellent move for the Jaguars, who were dead last in the NFL last year in total sacks with I believe 12 or 13 for the ENTIRE SEASON. Derek Thomas had 7 in one game, and the Jaguars managed only 12 or 13 all season, that is kinda sad. With that being said, Aaron Kampman will provide a high motor, high energy, solid pass rushing DE for the Jaguars, a team that desperately needs that presence. He also provides a good dose of veteran leadership, for a team that seemingly needs the calming influence in the locker room.

2. Trading for Kirk Morrison-Again, like the signing of Kampman, this is a smart, solid veteran that while not providing huge upside, won’t kill you either. Look, he played for the Raiders, maybe putting him on a sane, stable team will make him that much better of a player…who knows? What we do know is, he will be a solid linebacker that won’t hurt the Jaguars. For what they gave up to get him, it was a very worthwhile pick up.

The Bad:

1. Resigning TE Ernest Wilford-As of right now, the Jaguars have 5 TE’s on their roster, and really was it worth it to resign this guy? Last year he had 11 receptions for 123 yards all season with a whopping 1 Touchdown. Look I know the NFL is going to some two TE formations and such, but we all know Marcedes Lewis is your best TE and….we know Wilford isn’t the best. I think it would have been in your best interest to move on honestly, and let a younger player possibly break out, instead of sticking with a not so crafty veteran.

2. Resigning DE Reggie Hayward-This is another decision I really don’t support. Look I know he is a good solid veteran that was really good for awhile, with 26.5 Sacks in 3 years before he tore his Achilles tendon in 2006. He spent nearly two years trying to get that injury right, and while he claims he is 100% healthy, I just don’t see it honestly. I think he loses a permanent step because of the injury, and in this league…that’s just not going to cut it, especially with the DE class that was in the 2010 NFL Draft. They could have drafted a far better option.

The Ugly:

1. Coaching Staff Turmoil-Essentially head coach Jack Del Rio had to redo most of his coaching staff, hiring a new D line, TE, and RB Coach. That is never good. The more continuity you have with your coaches, the better it is for the players. I mean look at Jason Campbell, he’s had a different O coordinator each year in the NFL, and it kills his ability to progress as a player. Jack Del Rio, stick with your coaches or go down in flames with them. I know things are tough for you now, but stay the course. Your players need it.

2. Drafting Tyson Alualu 10th Overall-It’s not that they drafter Tyson Alualu that is such a bad thing, it’s where they drafted him. Alualu was pegged as a late first to early second pick, and yet he goes at 10 to the Jaguars. The Jaguars needed a DE or a DT, and both of the best DE’s were available for the taking in Morgan and Pierre-Paul, and yet they go with frankly, a lesser talent player. The biggest problem with this is that because of this, they have to pay Alualu top 10 money when he is not top 10 talent, and because of this a lot of unnecessary pressure will be put on the poor kid.

There’s my analysis of the Jaguars Offseason, any comments are welcome, positive or negative. I love to argue, so bring it on.