Oh Vince Young, How You Toy With Our Hearts


This article is in no way, shape, or form representative of any official opinion on this issue, this is just me ranting about Vince Young, and whatever else happens to pop into my brain as I am writing this. So deal with my hopefully amusing, and lighthearted rants on this incident.

Vince Young was at a strip club, but really is that such a bad thing? Yes I know he is an NFL QB…but is he married? Does he have a GF? If he doesn’t then I see no harm in going to a strip club. Now the image most of you have of a strip club is a dirty, seedy place where nothing good happens and the clientele is a bit shall we say, lower class. VY was at a strip club in Dallas, TX and that is a different beast entirely.  Trust me on this one, I have a friend who owns a majority of the strip clubs, or Gentleman’s clubs as they like to be called, in Dallas and let me tell you, they are first class all the way. We’re talking Las Vegas style buffets, I mean they are 5 star joints designed for a high income client. VY at a strip club should not cause a huge stir, he’s a single man, he wants to see naked women, end of story.

As far as the incident itself…well he punched a guy out that insulted him and his University of Texas Longhorns. I can understand that. My dad, although never actually having hurt someone, has verbally berated someone for talking down to Tennessee on a few occasions. It happens, you have pride for your school, especially if you were an athlete there. I’m not as shocked by this as everyone else, nor am I as outraged. Look what do you want VY to do he is an athlete, never the smartest people on the planet. VY was put on this earth for one thing, play football. You know this brings me to an even bigger issue

People will inevitably say about this “Will someone think of the children.” Well…here’s the deal people. Stop using athletes as role models, or at least if you do, don’t get lazy and say hey look, here’s an athlete, be like him. Isn’t life about being able to recognize the good and bad in every person/situation. If that is the case, then can’t we use athletes like this too. Take Steve McNair for instance. You can sit your kids down and say now look kids, Steve was a great man for the community and did a lot of things right, but he also did some things wrong, so now you know that you should do these things, and not do these other things. That’s a great life lesson. After all, no one is perfect. Ok phew there’s my rant on this. Comments as always are appreciated.