Losing the Locker Room? Or Media Riff Raff?


Ok, I am not one to question Head Coach Jeff Fisher, there is a reason he is the head coach of a professional football team and I am not.  With that being said I must admit that the latest series of “issues” concerning our players can kind of turn the heads of those who do not follow football or the Titans as closely as I do.  I for one do not think there is a problem at all and in a week things will have cooled down and be back to normal.  However, all the so called fans who wish that we would ditch Jeff, have abandoned their bridges for the day and are out trolling anyone who supports Coach Fisher (including me), so I figured I would write an article on what has happened to shut them up (AWWWW HERE IT GOES).

First and foremost, This whole “incident” with Vince Young is nothing merely then a 26 year old who let his anger get the best of him, yea he probably could have just walked away but lets face it, as men, if someone continues to berate, insult, and all out will not leave you alone the only thing we really wish to do is kick their teeth out.  As a competitor that is what came out of Vince, and just like everything else that happens in the media, they take something small and blow it waay out of proportion because its the offseason and they need something to report on. Welcome back to camp Vince, here’s your slap on the wrist because you have never had off the field issues (the whole suicide thing was never true, once again media blowing things up).  People forget that he made direct statements saying that he never mentioned suicide, so drop it already, it’s getting old.  And lets face it, it’s not like he dragged an underage college girl into a bathroom and sexually assaulted her and partied with a few dirty cops afterward.

Secondly, and more importantly, the Chris Johnson “holdout”.  If anyone actually believes, a guy who is due to make less then a million dollars this year is going to miss out on mandatory team activities AND could lose an entire years salary before the season even began with fines, is honestly going to holdout, then I have a bridge in Florida I would like to sell you.  Chris Johnson is a player who wants to get paid, plain and simple, he also has one of those bottom feeding, money grubbing, dregs of society, miniature devils sitting on his shoulder  (these are called agents in most circles) who also wants to get paid.  Once they realize the Titans aren’t going to budge this offseason about a new contract (because they are limited as to what they can do) he will show up on time to training camp, or sooner, and things will go back to normal.  He has no other option at that point, if he shows up and doesn’t perform to Chris Johnson like numbers then the team will not give him the kind of money he is asking for.  If he decides to not show up, he not only doesn’t play but he wont get paid either and might actually in fact end up owing the Titans money by the end of the season, and if he does that he also will be out of football for one year which makes resigning him harder in which he still wont receive the amount of money he is looking for AND could possibly miss two years if there is indeed a player lockout.  Point being made here? shut up about CJ possibly holding out, he will show up, play his game and get paid next year when there isn’t a 30 percent increase in pay limit.

Finally, the topic that has been the cause of much conversation is having not re-signed Keith Bulluck (and please people if your going to call yourself a Titans fan, learn how to spell his freakin name, seriously, he has only been the leading tackler on our team for the past decade and the defensive backbone).  I can see the re-signing decision going either way on this one, but I strongly think they are going to resign him and have him retire a Titan in a few seasons.  He has been a main staple in the Titans Linebacking corps for the past ten years and is a huge presence in the terms of locker room leadership.  With the 4 game suspension of Bulluck’s future replacement Gerald Mcrath and David Thornton coming off an injury the Titans will resign Bulluck to keep a strong LB corps in tact and allow Keith to bring along the younger players such as McRath and Curran, both on and off the field.  If the Titans decided to let go of Bulluck then it would leave a TITANIC sized hole, get it? see how I used the Titan’s name and the site name together LOL  😮 in the middle of the Titans secondary and would be a huge mistake on the Titans front office that would leave fans in an uproar and could probably even deter fans from purchasing tickets this season.  All I have to say is WELCOME BACK KEITH!!! now suit up and get to work.

The point I am getting at, if you haven’t grasped onto it already, is that it’s the offseason.  Unless it’s a serious offense such as Big Ben not being able to keep little Ben where he belongs, Michael Vick’s extracurricular dog fighting, or Lawrence Taylor’s ummmmmm yea, then take is as the media wanting you to increase their site traffic, network viewing and twitter tweets.  Take the time to ask yourself, does the article I am reading provide enough truth, detail, and evidence to support something worth worrying about? or should I just shrug it off and go about my day? With that I hope everyone has a safe rest of the week and later this week I will have an article on my experience at Coaching Chris Johnson’s Youth Football Camp on Wednesday.  Have a fun and safe Fathers Day Weekend!!  HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE DADS OUT THERE!!! including my own, thank you dad for showing me what it means to be a man and the actions and standards I must live up to on a daily basis to earn the title.