Letter to Bud


Dear Mr. Adams,

I have been a Titan fan since you brought the Oilers to Tennessee in 1997. Right from the start, you made some excellent decisions. Renaming the Tennessee Titans, was a great homage to the Parthenon in Nashville, where you ultimately decided to base the franchise.

Doing what it takes to keep a coach of Jeff Fisher’s caliber all of these years, shows your understanding of football. And, I respect you for challenging him to make changes after a very disappointing 0-6 start to last season.

Mr. Adams, you gave us the Music City Miracle, an AFC Championship, 6 playoff teams in 13 years, and fielded only 3 teams with losing records.

I have noticed, however, an overly frugal and costly (ironically) approach in offseason acquisitions and consistent failures to resign valuable veterans.


Steve McNair: Although he only played 2 more seasons after departing the Titans, he did lead the Ravens to a 13-3 season with over 3000 yards. More importantly, he was absent for a two year span that, then rookie, Vince Young would have greatly benefited from in his early development. The Titans are still paying for this early departure of leadership.

Jevon Kearse: After another solid campaign for the Titans in 2003 (9.5 sacks), Kearse was lured away by the Philadelphia Eagles in the prime of his career. This void has arguably still not been filled, even by the shell of Kearse that returned. This is a mistake not to duplicate if Derrick Morgan turns out to be the solution.

Keith Bulluck: Yes, he is on the decline. And yes he is coming off a vicious injury to his ACL. However, his coverage skills in the nickel package, stalwart leadership, and ability to train his replacement (Gerald McGrath) are worth at least a one year deal. Please sign him, before the Colts or Jaguars do.

Chris Johnson: Sorry to beat this dead horse, but it must be noted that the 49ers cutting deals for Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis, destroyed your position in negotiations. Pay the man. Don’t make a move that will cost on the field, in your wallet, or potentially a spot on your ring finger.

Mr. Adams, you not only respected the state of Tennessee by bringing us our first professional football team, but you consistently put a competitive product on the field to represent us. For that we thank you and we know you will do the right thing.


Titan Fans