Meet the Titans: Rennie Curran

Rennie Curran (
Rennie Curran ( /

Of all the players the Titans drafted, I probably know this player the best. I go to Tennessee and work with the Vol Network, so I am always around the football games. I have seen Rennie up close and personal two times. So, without further ado, here is part 4 of Meet the Titans

The Good: The best thing I can say about Curran is where the ball is, Curran is. Curran is always making tackles, I mean he had 130 tackles his junior year, 115 his sophomore. He has the ability to read the quarterback’s eyes and rarely gets caught out of position when asked to drop into zone coverage. He has a strong upper body and can deliver a strong punch and can shed blocks quickly. He’s a very solid tackler who can wrap a ball carrier up very well. He has a high motor, as it seems with most of the draft picks this year. He can readskeys and locates the ball quickly for the most part. He is a very good lateral mover, and can scrape off blocks if necessary.

The Bad: Curran is short, really short for an OLB. I realize they list Curran at 5’10, but I’m 5’11 and he is not that tall. I stood near Curran in pads and I am an inch or two taller then he. Curran can, at times, take the occasional false step and struggles to recover when he does. (Go Youtube the Georgia Tech game from his junior year to see what I mean). Curran’s closing speed is only adequate. Curran has an excellent motor but takes poor pursuit angles. Curran is not a big hitter that can jar the ball loose or consistently stop backs in their tracks. Curran has fluid hips but inconsistent footwork and lacks the burst to get away with sloppy technique. (Youtube 1st quarter RB Derek Locke TD catch in 2009 Kentucky game).

Where Does He Fit In: I assume Curran will be a mostly special teams player this year as he learns the system and gets comfortable with the speed of the NFL game. Ultimately, he is not a physical freak of nature or such an amazing player that he will start from day 1, it’s just not happening. Eventually, I think he will take over David Thornton’s position, as they play similar styles of football.

Overall: This one I am on the fence about. On the one hand, I saw him in person and he was a tackling machine and a great player at the highest level of college football (That would be the SEC, and yes, I will fight anyone that disagrees), but on the other hand he does have some physical limitations, and he really is short. He has the potential to become a good player if he can just improve his technique and get in the weight room. I like this pick a lot actually. If I had to grade, and once again I do this under protest, I’d give this pick a B+