Forever Young?


For anyone that hasn’t been following the Titans offseason for the past week, Quarterback Vince Young switched agents from long time family friend and family attorney Major Adams to Tom Condon.  Condon is also the agent for other NFL stars such as Peyton and Eli Manning and La’danian Tomlinson.  What does this mean for Young’s future with the

Vince Young helping flood victims in Nashville with teammates
Vince Young helping flood victims in Nashville with teammates /

Titans? and his future as a star Quarterback in the NFL?  to me this shows me a lot of behind the scenes changes for Vince.

First and foremost everyone knows a player hires an agent to take care of the business side of the NFL such as contracts, endorsement deals and networking you to other persons of interest.  An agent’s client list is usually the selling factor in all of this, and with a list like Condon’s, it could easily allow Vince (if he doesn’t already) to share the company of the Manning brothers to possibly pick up some hints or tips on the finer points of playing the position.  Much like how Matt Leinart worked out with Tom Brady and picked his brain last season, and how Chris Johnson got in touch with Adrian Peterson the summer before his rookie season to pick up workout tips and in depth knowledge on how to keep his body in shape for the upcoming season.

Secondly, this shows that Vince is taking a proactive step in advancing his career long term and shows maturity in hiring a professional to take care of the things he cannot.  It’s no secret that Vince has spent the majority of the offseason working out at the Baptist Sports Park Facility in Nashville and has all but moved in with Offensive Coordinator Mike Heimedinger.  Young has also spent a considerable amount of time with his receivers and has stepped up as a locker room leader in helping flood victims in Nashville and the surrounding counties.  The announcement of his first child due in July and the efforts to help raise Steve Mcnair’s children are showing not only me but Titans fans everywhere that Young has finally grown into a man.

I personally believe that the death of Steve (tragic as it was) was probably one of the best things that could have happened in the growth of Vince, the Titans Organization, and Titans fans everywhere.  Don’t get me wrong i love Steve, he was not only a phenomenal player but also a main staple in the Nashville community but sometimes it takes a person or community losing a person that they hold dear to their hearts in order to realize what they had, it goes to the old addage “you dont what you’ve got til its gone.  The death of Steve has shown Vince and the Titans community that not only is life too fragile to be taken advantage of, but in this world you are given nothing. I often have friends complain to me that life never gave them enough chances, You are given life…YOU must TAKE the chances.

So once again Air Mcnair comes to the rescue of the Titans and is looking down on them and guiding them in any manner deemed necessary.  If you think Vince doesn’t believe that Steve was with him on that game winning 99 yard drive against the Cardinals, think again, If you think Vince doesn’t believe Steve was watching him as he lead the Titans to a Rob Bironas Monday Night Football game winning Field Goal, your sorely mistaken, And if you think that Vince doesn’t believe that “Pops” wasn’t watching when Young led the Titans to a six game win streak and an 8-8 finish making us the first team to finish .500 after starting 0-6 then once again you are mistaken.  I am highly looking forward to see VY grow even more as not only a Quarterback but also as a man.