Meet the Titans: Damian Williams


Our fearless leader Nick Ewing, is in love with this man. It was only natural that he would be the second Titan we introduce. Therefore, without further ado, here’s part two of my Meet the Titans series

Damian Williams (
Damian Williams ( /

The Good: Damian Williams was an absolute steal where the Titans picked him. ESPN had him rated as the 5th overall receiver and the 55th overall player, and the Titans picked him up at the number 77 pick. Scouts rave about his work ethic and ability as a punt returner, something the Titans have lacked since the departure of Adam “Pacman” Jones. According to scouts, one of the most polished receivers in the draft, that is he runs the most complete and perfectly angled/perfectly run routs out of the receivers in the draft. Has great hands, and can be counted on to be very tough and competitive, and also has been described as “Fearless over the middle.”

The Bad: Durability is a concern. Williams tore a ligament in his shoulder during spring drills of 2007 and had to have surgery on both shoulders that summer. Williams is not a speed receiver per say, while he can get behind coverage on occasion, he is not going to be like Darius Heyward-Bey and just burn people off the line. More quick then fast. A decent blocker, but can be overpowered by more physical players.

Where Does He Fit: Williams looks to be a very polished and NFL-Ready receiver. With Kenny Britt coming into this year in questionable shape, Williams has a very good chance to play significant time. While I do not believe he will be our #1 WR this year, he does have that kind of potential.

Overall: This was an extremely solid pick for the Titans. WR was not a huge need of the Titans, but this highly polished played fell to the Titans at pick #77, so the Titans couldn’t pass this one up. Remember, Jeff Fisher played at USC, and still keeps up with the Trojans, so he probably knows more then we do. Overall, if I had to grade, and you know I hate doing this, I’d give this pick an A-