What if the Tennessee really wanted to help Vince Young out?


Sometimes the Titans are known to draft people that experts do not expect them to draft.  Picks like Michael Griffin and Chris Johnson left some critics shaking their heads.  When Coach Fisher and company gamble like that they are following a simple strategy: PICK THE BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE!!!.  What if the Titans were to do that this year but in a way that would leave some people stumbling over their words.  What if they risked finding a defensive lineman or defensive back in the second round.  What if helping out Vince Young was their primary goal?  Sure last year the defense struggled with sacks but maybe Tennessee is willing to deal up to get a pick in the early second round?  What if with the Titans with number 16 overall draft select….GOLDEN TATE.

Some people might disagree with this pick but I think it would send a huge bode of confidence to Young who will be entering his first full season after what I like to call Vince Young Comeback : Project 2009.  Young resurrected his career after having some rumors dispelled about him being traded.  Fisher put it to rest and Young studied after that.  Watching Kerry Collins lead an immensly talented team with a rookie star to a first round bye was definetly a first for the college Hall of Famer who only lost two games as a starter.  He even made lavish comments about him being the first black quarterback in the Hall of Fame as he rode the pine.  The drafting of Tate would give a message to Vince from the front office saying “Here are weapons, go have fun.”

Tate, Young, and Johnson in a huddle would really excite Titans fans who haven’t really seen a great passing game since #9 was on the field.  Backs like Travis Henry, Chris Johnson, and even Lendale White have had their fair share of carries in the past 5 or 6 seasons of a clock winding offense.  I watched a lot of Notre Dame games this season (don’t really know why…its the uniforms I guess) and Tate is really an outstanding offensive weapon.  He would come in and not only have an immediate impact on the offense but also on special teams as well.  This guy catches everything and runs crisp routes and will return a punt for a touchdown if your not paying attention.  Huge redzone target, always seems to be open.  Imagine a Golden Tate Chris Johnson reverse or fake reverse.  Just the thought of that play only is exciting to think of.

Again this is a wild card pick and Fisher is a more of a defensive guy.  This pick would definetly throw a lot of people off as far as mock drafts go from expers like Kiper Jr. and others.  Maybe the Titans can rely upon Britt and others to step and make plays but someone like Tate or maybe Dez Bryant would really solidify the offensive lineup.