Making the case for a DE


With the draft looming some scouts are touting that the Titans may be eyeing an elite pass rusher. With the 16th pick in the draft the Titans have value and some good prospects will be available. A guy who can get to the quraterback would tremendously help and already solidifed defense with multiple pro bowlers in the secondary.

One of the reasons the Titans got off to such a slow start was that the team lacked a true consistent pass rusher. The lose of Albert Haynesworth was a factor in that. Having a grizzly bear in the middle with speed and quickness causes guys like Kyle Vanden Bosch to be freed up and make plays . Age reared its ugly this past season, with another year tacked onto the NFL lifespan the Pro Bowl Titan wasn’t quite as effective. Vanden Bosch is still a hustle guy who plays the run very well but just didn’t get to the quarterback as much in 09.

I myself personally would like the Titans to pick Jason Pierre. The junior South Florida has a lot of upsize and is super athletic. Some people think he lacks expierence, only starting to play football as a junior in high school is a red flag to some scouts.   If he were a safety or linebacker I might understand but I actually like Pierre as a second and third down guy who can give the defense a lift with his natural quickness. Also his wingsize gives him an opportunity to bat a lot of balls (Too bad he can’t bat down every Peyton Manning pass lol).

Last time the Titans nabbed a super athletic defensive end in the middle of the draft board they ended up with Jevon Kearse and wound up in the Superbowl. Tennessee has a quality team and an impact guy who could come in right away and get some hurries and knockdown would be a huge added bonus. As I said before this kid probably lacks some strength and shouldn’t be an every down Defensive End right away in my opinion.

Other guys to take a look at would be Derrick Morgan and Everson Griffin. Whoever the Titans pick this year’s draft is very important and the right pick just might send Tennessee back to the big game