On What Day Of Christmas Does My True Love Give To Me Lame Ducks A Quacking?


This has to be the Sunday that rivals the beat down in New England as the worst week on the schedule for the Titans fan. At least at (0-6) there’s was a shred of hope but at the present reality of (7-8) there’s not really a great deal to hope for outside of seeing CJ break a record, finishing .500 and seeing Fisher beat Seattle for the first time ever. Wow. Pretty pathetic. Coming off a league best (13-3) last year fans like me would have expected at the beginning of the season to be in a frenzy right now over whether the Titans could manage a 1st round bye or perhaps a wild card berth. Right now on my TV the Colts and Jets are having it out and Manning and Company look in command despite the thin margin they hold. I know full well they are good for a minimum of 21 2nd half points.

It’s funny in a way. We all watch this stuff to live vicariously, sure, it’s great when you do it through your own team, but when your not just on the outside looking in but on the outside looking at the shut window with the blinds closed and the curtains drawn… argh… What’s that? Bears and Vikings on Monday Night Football? That becomes more interesting than your own game. At least Brett Favre might grab Brad Childress in a headlock and dispense a noogie. Maybe even a wedgie. That would be kind of cool. Hell, how about an atomic wedgie? Shouldn’t the fan of the eliminated team soak up all the football he can?

I watched the Falcons just hand it to the Bills earlier. Didn’t really do a whole lot for me. Wow. Let’s watch two more teams with little to play for since I’m in such eager anticipation week 17… right. Maybe I’ll just take my lithium and wake up tomorrow not feeling the hangover that has become the 2009 season. Maybe it’s time to crack open the mock drafts. I’ve had my eye on this big nasty defensive tackle from Nebraska. Which is funny how fortunes go because if the Titans had a big nasty defensive tackle, maybe, just maybe, they could get back to where they were, push beyond and win it all. Till then I’m wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’, plannin’ and dreamin’.