We Agree, the Towels are Terrible



LenDale “Smash” White made national news today by informing the world that given the opportunity he would step on the terrible towel again. His words exactly:

"If it happens to be there, I’m going to stomp all over that, man. If there’s a towel in the stands, I will stomp on it. I don’t care who gets mad. … If they throw a towel at me, I’m going to kick it and stomp all over it. If they don’t want their towel stomped on, keep it out my face."

Now normally I’m not a huge fan of unnecessary trash talking, and often have some serious doubts about the motivational effectiveness of “bulletin board” material (LaGerrette Blount aside), but I like this for two big reasons.

1. LenDale White is legitimately entertaining. Chad Johnson used to be a very entertaining wide receiver who often slept at the team facility to put in extra work. Chad Ochochinco is a distraction with regressing numbers. LenDale White used to be a hugely overweight running back with pretty decent numbers. LenDale “Smash” White is a just slightly overweight touchdown machine who has evolved into one of the most conversationally funny people in all of sports. Before or after Titan’s games, he’s the guy whose quotes I want to see.

2. I genuinely don’t like the Steelers and/or the “terrible towel” is stupid. And by stupid I mean really, really stupid. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a blue collar city known for their steel industry, and tough football teams. 50,000 people waiving bright yellow golf towels isn’t necessarily the most intimidating representation of that toughness. Throw in the fact that the terrible towel was just a silly little promotional giveaway, I’m surprised that the 3,500 people that go to Pirates games don’t wave around their giveaway floppy hats at PNC Park.

So anyway, what does “Steeler Nation” do about the great injustice done to the towel by certain members of the Titans (other than watch their team win a Super Bowl)? Well they do what any group of fierce, loyal human beings would do:

They create a commemorative towel chronicling the abuse of their original commemorative towel by LenDale and Co. Yes I’m serious:

I really hope that a Steelers fan throws a towel at LenDale White. If it happens we’ll get to hear LenDale say some really funny stuff about it after the game, but more importantly we’ll give one of the Steel City’s great towel artisans the impetus to create. Everyone benefits from that. /