TitanSized’s Tuesday Links


Heyo Titans fans! What’s that you say? The Titans are undefeated?!? I know, 2-0! Yay!

Sure it’s no big deal that the team has won their first two preseason games, but it certainly is a nice way to open up the football season. The defense has looked solid so far, with great contributions from the regulars (Mike Grif, Finny and Thornton to name a few) as well as some of the rookies (McRath Mouton and Marks especially). The youngins’ have been doing there part on the offensive side of the ball as well, as Britt, Cook and Ringer have all shown flashes of what the Titans expected from them when they were drafted. And to be perfectly honest, the running game, the Titans bread and butter, has been somewhat slow out of the gates. When CJ and LenDale get going, I can’t imagine how good this offense can/will be. The addition of Nate Washington will prove to be huge for Kerry Collins this year, and another year with Gage and Scaife will only give Collins more options. Scary thought…

It’s still just the preseason, but the closer we get to the regular season, the more I think we will see this team round into shape. I’ve got a feeling about this team this year. There is just something about them that seems like they are on a mission. As stupid as it sounds, I think they’ve got a certain swagger about them that I haven’t seen since the teams of the late 90’s early 0o’s. Also a scary thought…

On to the links!

  • Rookie Ryan Mouton hurt his ankle in morning practice today. He was having a great camp and preseason, but this doesn’t sound good. Let’s cross our fingers, hold our breaths and hope for the best.
  • 2nd-year lineman Jason Jones has been sidelined for most of the preseason with a foot injury. He feels like he is finally getting healthy and will soon be ready to get back on the field. A lot will be expected from Jones this year, so the sooner he can get back the better.
  • The thought of adding Marvin Harrison at wideout has always been an intriguing one (especially given that we play the Colts in week 5), but again, the Titans front office has ruled that possibility out. No real surprise here, but you have to imagine that this late in the game he couldn’t possibly cost that much.
  • I’m not the only one who thinks the Titans look poised to build on last season’s successes (and disappointments).

That’s all I’ve got for today. Still trying to get over the bronchitis/strep one-two punch that hit me last Friday. Ugh. I am going to see the Heartless Bastards at the Exit/In tonight, so that should be fun. If I don’t die before then…

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