TitanSized’s Tuesday Links


Hey young world… it’s been a little while since we’ve posted. We’re glad that your glad to hear from us again. It means a lot to us. This is another one of those down times of the off-season that leaves NFL bloggers struggling to come up with content. Or at least it’s hard for us, but hey, we’re not all that bright. We just thought we’d throw a few links your way on this lovely Tuesday in Nashville. Here you go…

  • Reader Bill Hendrickson asked in the comments section what the full Titans training camp schedule looked like (specifically the week of Aug. 11), so here is a 2009 Training Camp Guide to the AFC. And speaking of training camp, The Tennessean’s Jim Wyatt has five questions the Titans must begin to answer this summer.
  • More information continues to filter out about the Steve McNair murder, namely that he was over twice the legal limit (to drive, which he wasn’t doing) at the time of his murder (remember that he was asleep on the couch) and that Kazemi had small traces of pot in her system (which would make her saying “I’m not drunk, I’m High” to the cops at the time of her DUI make all the more sense). Honestly, I don’t think those two facts matter in the least. He wasn’t operating a vehicle or heavy machinery. He was murdered. In his sleep.
  • In other positive, ex-Titan news, former RB and University of Tennessee star Travis Henry has been sentenced to three years in federal prison. Coke gets you sent to prison kiddies!
  • The Titans and 5th round selection, RB Javon Ringer, have agreed to terms on a multi-year deal. That leaves just Britt and Marks to go. Ringer is expected to compete for one of the backup roles behind CJ and LenDale. The Tennessean’s Gary Estwick discusses Ringer’s chances to become the no. 3 RB on this team.
  • Jimmy Morris from Music City Miracles (another Titans blog) reached out to me last week and asked me to link to this post in support of creating a petition to get the Tennessee Titans to retire #9. I would like to think that the Titans are (and were) planning to retire McNair’s number at some point anyway, but I suppose the more steam behind it the better.
  • And lastly, with the season getting ready to begin in less than a month-and-a-half, we have been in contact with a number of other Titans blogs around the innernette to see if we could do some cool stuff this year. Everyone seemed receptive to the idea, and I think it would be great for everyone involved. Power in numbers people. So, if you’ve got any ideas or things you would like to see us cover, post it in the comments section and we will discuss it.

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