Tuesday’s Steve McNair Links


This tragedy just seems to keep unfolding. We now know that Sahel Kazemi purchased the gun that was used to kill McNair and, eventually her, from a private dealer last Thursday. So the series of events we know at this point looks something like this:

  1. Kazemi and McNair were pulled over on Wednesday evening/early Thursday morning by Metro Police (the same officer who arrested McNair a few years ago) for suspicion of DUI in a vehicle that had been registered under both of their names. There are rumors that the vehicle being co-registered are a bit overblown and that it was no indication of a life he was living with Kazemi. Irregardless, Kazemi is arrested and booked for a DUI. McNair was allowed to leave the scene in a taxi since he was not driving the vehicle. He is the one who bailed her out.
  2. On Thursday evening, Kazemi purchased a semi-automatic pistol from a private dealer (because, at 20, she can’t legally own one). This was the gun that was used in both of their deaths. This is where the story takes yet another weird turn, and finding out who sold her the gun and what her motivation to acquire one was will be crucial in helping piece together what ultimately happened on Friday/Saturday.
  3. Sometime between Friday evening and early Saturday the murder-suicide/double-homicide/whatever the heck actually happened took place. That is a pretty large gap in time that we know nothing about. At least yet. And the worst part about it may be that we never actually know what happened, since, as it appears, the two victims are the only ones involved here. Through forensic evidence and testing, we will certainly find out when the killings actually happened and who pulled the trigger, but what was said, how it escalated to where it did, etc. are questions that we may never have answered. And that may be the hardest part.

The longer this all goes on and gets dragged out, the worse I feel for his wife Mechelle and her four boys, Tyler, Trenton, Steven, Junior. It still hasn’t sunk in yet.


There is obviously a lot more out there, but this is a good place to start. There should be plenty to trickle out over the next couple of days that will, hopefully, shed some more light on this whole nightmare. We will do our best to cover all of it, so stay with us and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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R.I.P. Steve McNair (1973-2009)