Tennessee Titans Tuesday Morning Links


Hello all! It’s been a few days since I’ve last posted as I was at a wedding this weekend in Mobile, AL. Speaking of, has anyone seen my cell phone?

Not a whole lot of news out of Nashville as far as the Titans go (we did get our first swine flu case though!), but I thought I would give you a couple of neat articles about some of the Titans rookies and their first minicamp of the off-season and some other Titans news.

  • Coach Fisher’s final thoughts on the first rookie camp of the off-season.
  • First round pick WR Kenny Britt weighs in on his first rookie camp in the NFL. He says he got the second foot down. I couldn’t see it in the video, but I’ll take his word for it.
  • Third round selection TE Jared Cook shares his thoughts as well. Cook may have been the most impressive rookie last week. If he can add the weight and it translates into being a better blocker, he could wind up being the steal of this draft class.
  • Free agent rookie DT Mitch King from Iowa may be quickly becoming one of my favorite Titans already. Dude had offers from most NFL teams to come into to a more advantageous depth chart situation and King chose to come to Tennessee to work with Kyle Vanden Bosch and defensive line coach Jim Washburn. That makes him either crazy or a complete and total badass who is gonna find a way to make a spot for himself on this team. Actually, maybe that makes him both. Can’t wait to see this kid’s motor running at full speed in training camp.
  • Former Titan DT Albert Haynesworth is being sued by Corey Edmondson, the young man that he nearly paralyzed in a car crash last December, for $7.5 million. Apparently, Edmondson doesn’t harbor any hard feelings about the incident, but would like a chunk of Haynesworth’s hard cash. Unfortunately, judging based on the reports we’ve heard thus far, Big Al doesn’t sound like he’s all too concerned about the lawsuit or Edmondson. Sad story all around.

Since we’ve got a little down time here before training camp starts, I’m curious to know what you guys might like to see on TitanSized until then. More projections and depth chart speculation? More articles on the new rookies? Predictions and schedule breakdown for next season? Off-topic (sports) discussion? I want to know what you all would like to see more of, because otherwise, it may get pretty boring until then. Let’s have some fun with this thing…