TitanSized’s Draft Diary

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Alright, that’s all for now. We’ll have a ton of post-draft coverage starting tomorrow, so make sure you check back in. We’ll be chatting here for the next little bit though, so if you’re looking for more draft coverage, come check it out!

How does TitanNation (I promise to NEVER use that term again) feel about selecting Britt? Great pick? Terrible pick? Ehhh pick?

6:52 PM, CST: Pittsburgh takes DE Evander “Ziggy’ Hood out of Missouri with the last selection of the first round.

6:27 PM, CST: The Cards just selected Beanie Wells.

Tennessee picked Kenny Britt, which isn’t bad, but I think we were hoping for defense- maybe Rey Rey or Butler. When they cut to the shot of Wells on the phone while Tennessee was on the clock (which if I’m not mistaken up until that point was 100% accurate determining that that player was the next pick) me and Nick said the exact same thing at the same time. LenDale White is going to Arizona! Boldin is coming to Tennessee!

Not so fast. It looks like Boldin’s not going anywhere.

5:50 PM, CST: TE Brandon Pettigrew to Detroit at 20, C Alex Mack to Cleveland at 21, WR Percy Harvin to Minnesota, OT Michael Oher to Baltimore, DT Peria Jerry to Detroit and Vonte Davis to Miami. Of all of these I like Pettigrew and Mack a lot. The Browns may have reached a bit on Mack, but he’s gonna be a solid center that will be almost bust-proof.

5:17 pm, CST: WR Jeremy Maclin to Philly. Probably a decent pick for them, except for the fact that they’ve got a guy like him already in DeaSean Jackson. If Donovan doesn’t get it done now, the blame will fall squarely on him. And we know what happens when he’s under pressure… Yack!

5:08 PM, CST: DE Robert Ayers from Tennessee goes to Denver. Good pick if he’s as good as he looked a times last year.

5:00 PM, CST: Another trade. Bucs trade up and get the Browns 17th pick. Probably QB Josh Freeman from Kansas State. Not sure why they felt they had to move up here. I guess they were worried the Broncos may grab him?

4:53 PM, CST: Another surprise, LB Larry English (a projected 2nd rounder) goes to the Chargers at 16. He’s gonna be good, but they may have jumped the gun on this.

4:50 PM, CST: Jenkins to the Saints at 14, then Cushing to the Texans. Both solid picks at need positions for them.

4:34 PM, CST: Washington goes with Orakpo at 13. Him with Fat Al on that D-Line could be nasty.

4:31 PM, CST: Denver gives us the second interesting pick of round one with Knowshon Moreno. Like the player, not the situation though. I hope he does well.

4:27 PM, CST: Bills need a DE and they take Aaron Maybin from Penn State. Many question whether he will be a one year wonder, but that one year was pretty awesome.

4:20 PM, CST: Niners luck out and get Crabtree at 10. Great value here. Now if they just had a guy to throw him the ball…

4:15 PM, CST: Raji to Packers. Great fit for Capers’ new defense.

4:11 PM, CST : Monroe to the Jags. Probably a safe pick here. Need to make sure they put their new feature back, MJD, in the best situation possible. Glad we won’t have to see Crabtree twice a year.

3:57  PM, CST: Wow. I’m a Maryland guy (Kellen) so I’m really happy for Heyward-Bey, but I don’t know about picking him there. Al Davis likes him, and he still has way too much imput in these drafts.

3:52 PM, CST: Andre Smith to the Bengals.  I would have gone Monroe here, but either way, they need to protect Palmer’s ACL/MCL entire knee.

3:40 PM, CST: The Browns trade the 5th overall pick to Jets for (don’t know yet). They’ll get Sanchez. The big loser? Jacksonville, who probably thought they would get a pretty nice bounty for the 8th pick.

3:36 PM, CST: Seattle takes Aaron Curry. I’ll think they’ll be very happy with the pick. Maybe they’ve finally drafted a defensive player that pans out.

3:28 PM, CST: Just because the Jackson pick isn’t a huge shock, doesn’t mean that it’s not a terrible pick. Trade down, even if it’s not what you’re looking for.

3:20 PM, CST: This upcoming Chiefs pick is where it starts to get real interesting. I’m pretty sure that Pioli would love to trade down here, but I think that will be hard seeing that it’s starting to look like there’s a very good chance that Sanchez lasts until the 8th pick. I don’t think they want to spend third pick money to Curry or Jackson, though.

3:16 PM, CST: So far, we’re shooting par for the course. The Rams got Jason Smith, as expected, which I think they should be happy with.

3:05 PM, CST: With the surprise pick of the day, the Detroit Lions select Matthew Stafford from Georgia, 1st overall. I’m trying to calculate in my head how much money he’s guaranteed to make next year watching Daunte Culpepper lose 13 games.