Keith Bulluck Recruiting Torry Holt


The Tennessean’s Gary Estwick has reported that Keith Bulluck was actively recruiting veteran wide receiver Torry Holt to join the Titans, in an interview with Adam Schein and Solomon Wilcots Tuesday on Sirius Radio.

Said Bulluck:

"I think Torry Holt still is one of the best in the game…There’s still some off-season left. Maybe we’ll pick up some people in the draft… We seem to be able to get it done regardless.If we got Torry Holt, oh yeah, it would be problems for other defenses. So if Torry Holt is listening, he needs to holla at me."

It’s become an annual ritual to see star players selling their teams to free agents/prospective teammates during the off-season (perhaps the only quasi-interesting part of the Pro Bowl), and this year, of course, is no different. While the data from the statistical investigation I’ve commissioned on the effectiveness of these pleas has yet to come in, I feel pretty safe in asserting that such pleas typically do very, very little in making or changing someone’s decision as to where to sign. Economics, geography and personnel as a whole (among a myriad of other factors) will usually supersede the initial “ego boost” one is sure to get when someone as good as you really wants you to be a teammate.

You never know, though.

I seriously doubt that a player pitching their organization to a free agent is ever detrimental, and I think that Bulluck is spot on in terms of the positive effect Holt would have on the Titans. Bulluck has been the most consistent presence on the field for the Titans over the last decade, and continues to be a spark plug on the sideline. While relatively new Titans: Chris Johnson, Cortland Finnegan and Kerry Collins garnered more attention than Bulluck last season, no Titan can speak for the team with the authority that Bulluck can.  As we said before, we think that Holt would be a great fit for the Titans. It’s safe to say that the organization, and it’s captain, agree; evidenced by the trade that almost happened (supposedly) a little over a week ago, and Bulluck’s recent interview. Hopefully that bodes well for the Titans chances in acquiring Holt.

A number of outlets have stated over the last few weeks that Holt probably won’t make a decision any time soon, so don’t expect a quick resolution. With that said, at this point the Titans seem to be in the mix as much, if not more, than any of the other teams in the Torry Holt sweepstakes. While it might not seem like a big deal, getting the attention of a player that could put the Titans over the top should be an exciting prospect for a fan base that often feels like the Titans don’t do enough in free agency.

Hopefully the noise being made by a usually quiet organization doesn’t fall on deaf ears.