Chris Simms traded to Denver Broncos for Jay Cutler!!!!


Ok, so not really. We just thought it would be the only way a post about Chris Simms would sound intriguing. And we’re a little late on getting this news up here so we had to make it “pop” if you will. Plus it would bring J-Cut back to Nashville, a place where, in retrospect, he probably never should have left.

What really happened was that the Titans second/third string QB (depending on who you ask) decided to leave to become the Broncos new backup. Heck, by the beginning of next season, he could be their number one guy if Cutler and Josh McDaniels go on acting like frat brat boys. This will give Simms a chance to continue getting his career back on track after a devastating spleen injury he suffered with the Bucs in 2006. He is a guy that shown some promise when healthy, and he would never have gotten as fair of a shake in Tennessee with the enigmatic Young in the equation. As we’ve said with every Titan that has been lost this free agency, we wish him the best of luck in his new home.

This effectively means that Vince Young will be the clear-cut number two quarterback for the Titans, as ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky reports. If you’re in the camp that believes that Young still has the potential to be a quality QB in the NFL, then you are aware of how big these next two seasons are for his career. Will he re-dedicate himself to football and this organization? Will he make sure he is prepared if/when his number is called in the event of an injury to Collins? If he understands that this can be his team in two years and he truly loves football, then must forget everything he’s ever known about the the game (and himself), and re-learn it all. Bottom line: he needs to grow up. But, if you’re in the “glass is half-empty” group, well then you have already given up on him and you’re hoping the organization isn’t that far behind. “He was never gonna’ be good anyway, so good riddance.” Either way, I think if the Titans carry only two QB’s, that it is ultimately a good thing for VY. Let’s just hope it is for the organization as well.

Vince has been a lighting rod on this team since he entered the league. What do you think the future holds for VY? Will he ever be the starting quarteback in Tennessee again?