Pre-Gaming for the “Second Season”


Hello old friends and Happy New Year. Titan Sized has taken a little extended vacation, but we’re glad to be back, refreshed and ready for some playoff football. Since the Titans have a little time before they face their next opponent, we’ll give you a few things to help tide you over…

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San Diego Chargers, Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens. Those are the possible opponents for the Titans in the divisional playoffs. If the Ravens win, they’re coming back to Nashville on January 10th for what should be another classic playoff matchup.

  • Here is the Tennessee Titans 2009 schedule:
    Home: Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Miami, San Diego, Arizona, St. Louis
    Away: Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, New England, NY Jets, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle
  • Most Titans fans were happy to hear some good news about Albert Haynesworth, even though it doesn’t concern the status of his banged up left knee. According to ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky, GM Mike Reinfeldt and the Titans have reached out to Haynesworth’s agent, Chad Speck, about the possibility of resigning the defensive lineman to a long-term deal. Both Haynesworth and the organization have said all along that they would like to “renew their vows” to one another, so this move seems to be more than just a kind gesture or posturing.  Some Titans may see these negotiations as something that could disrupt the chemistry in the locker room or “ruffle a few feathers” if you will, but this is absolutely the right thing for the Titans to do. As Kuharsky states, the Titans have about a two month window in which they can negotiate exclusively with Haynesworth and his agent. After that, he’s free to field offers from the rest of the teams in the league. We don’t want that. If the price is fair (say 5-7 years, 40 mil and a considerable signing bonus), the Titans would be estatic and should sign him. Another ESPN’er, John Clayton, threw threw the $10 mil figure out there in an article he wrote earlier this week, which could very well be the case on the open market. He will probably be the most coveted player in a very deep 2009 class. Looks like what we said in July may very well be playing itself out.
  • If there is any downside to the success that the Titans have had this season it is that they may lose a very good coach in defensive coordinator, Jim Schwartz. The Titans have granted permission to both the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns to interview Schwartz. If he does land a head coaching job, there has been some speculation that we might see a familiar face take his spot. Paul Kuharsky has reported that Greg Williams could be an option to fill the spot. Not real sure how to feel about that.
  • Two Titans were snubbed for post season awards this week, Kerry Collins and Chris “Twitch” Johnson. Bush league…
  • Sounds like the Titans will be left in good hands once owner Bud Adams decides to either hand over the reigns or die. Somebody let us know where this Kenneth kid is, cause we’d like to buy him a drink.
  • And lastly, we would like to share with all of you what may be the single greatest film you probably haven’t seen. It’s called “The Foot Fist Way”, and it is indescribably, sick-to-your-stomach-from-laughing funny. If you’ve got Netflix, cue it up and send it right to the very top of the list. If not, demand you’re local video store to get a copy. Or, just buy it so that you can watch the hilarity unfold over and over and over again. It has been on loop in our house for almost a week now and has taken on a whole life of its own. It has been burned into our characters and personalities. We were gonna link to the trailer, but sweet old women and children may be reading this, so I’ll just highly suggest that you look it up and get your hands on a copy. And if you want a full dissection of the masterpiece and its impact on our productive, important lives, stop by 1101 Paris sometime and we’ll expound. You can thank us then. Enjoy…