Titan Up: Week 14 “Blame-Game-Name-Lame Blahs” Balls


Well, consider it “mission accomplished”, Titans fans. Most people don’t know this, but during the first day of training camp Jeff Fisher and his staff wrote one thing on the whiteboard for the entire team to see:

artist rendering
"artist rendering" /

Fisher and Co. weren’t going to let a makeable, 49-yard Rob Bironas field goal to win the game, stand between the Titans and that goal. So, instead of getting angry at certain undefendable decisions made, feel comforted by the fact the Titans know what their doing, even when they’re the only ones.

  • Seriously, what in the hell were the Titans doing that last drive of the game? Tennessee’s got the ball at Houston’s 39, with 3:04 to play, down one point. Titans’ fans everywhere all seem to have had the same idea with what to do here. Give Chris Johnson the friggin’ ball every play until it’s time to kick the game-winning field goal. Well, that’s not what happened. At all. What do they do? Incomplete pass on first down. A Bo Scaife fumble (which the Titans recovered) for a 1-yard loss on second. 8-yard completion to Brandon Jones on third. 2 minute warning, 4th and 3, on the Houston 32. Ok, so we messed that up, but we’ll most definitely see Bironas after the commercial break to win the game, right? Wrong. Boring ole’ Tennessee decides to add a little flare with the game on the line. Dumbest.Call. Ever. Collins overthrows Justin “Lame Ball” McCareins, and everyone watching the game is glad their mother isn’t around to hear the words coming out of our collective mouths.
  • Alright, so that was just a bad dream. Chris Johnson runs the clock out, Bironas hits the game-winning field goal all is good in Titan land. In this scenario, the Titans D never comes back onto the field, and Albert Haynesworth isn’t scheduled for a MRI tomorrow. They think that there might be some MCL damage (it didn’t look pretty), which means that Haynesworth might not play again this season (insert prayer here). Well the dream seems to be getting noticeably worse, and in a very bad world, we might have seen the last game Haynesworth plays as a Titan.
  • Speaking of “Lame Ball”, Justin MacCareins let more balls slip through his hands than a greasy juggler. We like Justin, and he’s had some pretty big games for us this year, but today was far from one of those. Dropped passes, a fumble, and an apparent lack of interest in a couple balls thrown his way didn’t particularly endear him to us any more. Not to beat up on him too much, but the biggest issue was that he seemed to be the primary target consistently, in a game he wasn’t playing in. I mean very well in.
  • Speaking of “a game he wasn’t playing (very well) in”, Kerry Collins also played today. He threw the ball 33 times. LenDale White and Chris Johnson combined for 21 carries. Yet against the Texans 24th ranked rushing defense, who over the last seven weeks have allowed a horrific 131 yards per game, the Titans only ran the ball twenty-one freakin’ times. That my friends, is what Steely Dan (the single greatest American jazz-rock group of all time) would call “Pretzel Logic”. It really is unfathomable why we wouldn’t get the two of them more touches.

Sorry for all of the negativity, but we just needed to vent. It’s all still a blur. We’re gonna go to sleep now. Goodnight…