Titan Sized featured on FOX Sports and the New York Times “The Fifth Down”


It’s been an incredibly busy week here at Titan Sized headquarters as the 10-0 Titans gear up for a showdown of epic proportions against the equally hot New York Jets. This should be the best game in the NFL on the week 12 slate, as both teams are playing with a purpose right now (the Jets to remain in control of the AFC East, and the Titans, to well, stay UNDEFEATED).

We have had some really great opportunities this week to do some writing on a much more national level that has really helped our blog get a lot more exposure. For starters, Adam Best, head of our very own Fan Sided Network and lead blogger for the Kansas City Chiefs blog Arrowhead Addict, was kind enough to let us do the AFC South breakdown for his fantastic weekly column on FOX Sports. Also, thanks to Jacksonville Jaguars (booo!) blogger Jeanne over at Black & Teal for turning over those duties to us for another week. Check that out here.

Another thing that we are proud to have been a part of this week, was being asked to contribute to the New York Times football blog “The Fifth Down”. Yeah, you read that right, the NEW YORK TIMES! Kellen, Jody and I were thrilled to participate in “100 Words: Jets at Titans” because to us, the Times is the real deal. I know, I know, it’s not nearly as reputable as the New York Post or the Daily News, but I suppose it will have to do for now. We also had one of their bloggers, John Woods, do a little something for our site, which you can read below:

"John Woods (that’s me) is a staff editor at The Times and a contributor to “The Fifth Down”. I feel compelled to point out that I am NOT a Jets fan. Or a New York guy. I was born in Nebraska, and root for the Steelers. And while that may not be enough to rehabilitate my image in your eyes, given the shared history of the Oilers and the Steelers, at least you know it’s not sentiment that is driving my prediction.To start with, let me say that I believe a 10-0 team is nothing to sneeze at (and, kids, please, you should never sneeze at anyone), but the Titans do not measure up well to past 10-0 teams. For instance, there is none of the power and drama of the ’85 Bears, none of the triumphant pageantry of the ’98 Broncos and none of the glitzy style of the ’07 Patriots. There has tobe some reason the Titans have excited little enthusiasm outside the realm of pulled pork and twangy bluegrass.So. With all due respect to all of you out there in those pretty blue jerseys, I’m callin’ it. I called it for Obama at 9:30 p.m. on election night, in front of a dozen witnesses. I swear I knew that was a touchdown for the Stihlers before Polamalu even touched the ball. And I am callingthis game right now for the Jets. The Titans’ ungainly streak across the midfield of our imagination is — thank goodness — about to end. The T-Men have had a lowercase season in every measure but winning: They’ve been outgained by their opponents in four of 10 victories and only two of their wins have come against a winning team. It is not the stuff Super Bowls aremade of.Jets win, 27-17."


We’ll just agree to disagree there John. And way to really step out on a limb there with the Obama call. Thanks anyway for your thoughts. Here are the rest of our Titan Sized predictions on “The Fifth Down”. Enjoy, and remember to get some rest tonight folks. We’ve got a big game tomorrow. Titan Up!