Fantasy teams: Week 5


Kellen’s team

QB: Kurt Warner-Cardinals vs. Bills

Last week against the Jets could have been real good. 1100 yards, 21 touchdowns. But he had to throw in something like 300 turnovers. At least you have a good idea of what you’re going to get with Warner. Have E. Manning and Schaub (who finally did something last week), but I’ll stick with the guy who has done pretty well for me so far.

WR1: Donald Driver-Packers vs. Falcons

Aaron Rodgers might not have a shoulder right now, and I don’t know if that matters. If it’s someone else hopefully they throw to Driver more than Rodgers has. I should have gotten Jennings.

WR2: Dwayne Bowe- Chiefs @ Panthers

I think that I’ve read in a few different places that the return of Damon Huard is the best possible news for a Bowe owner. The thought that my team needs the “impact” of Damon Huard in any way, shape or form doesn’t make me feel very good. Plax can’t get back soon enough.

RB1: Marshawn Lynch-Bills @ Cardinals

Lynch started of being my most consistent skill producer. Good for 100 total yards and at least 1 score. Then last week he had the best fantasy matchup of the season and looked like Maurice Clarrett. He owes me.

RB2: Larry Johnson-Chiefs @ Panthers

Larry Johnson was my worst pick in the draft for the first two weeks. He did absolutely nothing at all. Nothing. I was happy with positive yardage. Now somehow Johnson is leading the AFC in rushing, has 3 TDs and a new number one fan. For now.

Flex: Derrick Mason-Ravens vs. Titans

Last week I needed a spot start and picked up Ike Hilliard. It didn’t work. This probably won’t either. If McGahee is healthy enough to get significant carries (it looks like he’s going to start) I’ll put him in this spot. Either way, both are going against the Titans and aren’t good bets.

TE: Vernon Davis-49ers vs. Patriots

To make a point, I should just not start a TE for the rest of the season to protest my inability to get one with any value at all. My production wouldn’t go down any.

K: Matt Bryant-Bucs @ Broncos

The Josh Brown and Jeff Reed eras are over for me. Hopefully Tampa Bay is good enough to move the ball on a bad Broncos team, but not good enough to score touchdowns. I probably need 30 points from Bryant to win this week, so cross your fingers. If Ike Hilliard scores more points than Bryant does I’m never playing fantasy sports again. Sometimes I wish.

Defense: Philly vs. Redskins

I’ve continued to start the Eagles D in situations that I’ve not been the most pleased with, and they’ve continued to play well enough for me to keep starting them. I’ll lower my expectations and be happy with a couple of TDs and 12 sacks.

Nick’s team

QB: Drew Brees @ Vikings

Through the first four weeks of the season, Brees has been as good as any QB in the league. And that has been without their top wideout (Marques Colston) and tight end (Jeremy Shockey). It looks like the pieces in that offense can be easily inter-changed so long as they’ve got Brees under center. I knew that taking him in the third round wasn’t a mistake. The Vikes can be beaten trough the air and in New Orleans on Monday Night Football, they will be.

WR1: Reggie Wayne

I get my top WR back this week after his bye, and it couldn’t come against a better opponent. The Colts spent their off week trying to work out the kinks in that offense, and I’d imagine Dungy and Peyton will focus on getting the ball to their best playmakers. The best of them is Wayne.

WR2: DeSean Jackson vs. Redskins

After Wayne, the weakest part of my team is probably the rest of my WR’s. Santonio Holmes has been a bit of a dissapointment ths far (as has the rest of the Steelers’ offense) although he did have a nice game last wek against the Ravens. Thankfully though, the rookie Jackson has really stepped his game up and filled in better tahn anyone could have expected for the Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown. He has gotten better and better each week, and even with the return of Curtis and Brown, Jackson seems to have the best rapport with Eagles QB Donavan McNabb.

RB1: Joseph Addai @ Texans

After being forced to use Bengals RB Chris Perry last week because of the Colts’ bye, this week I get my stud back. Going against an average Texans defense, I expect the Colts to establish Addai and the ground game, especially now that they have their o-line healthy and in tact again.

RB2: Jonathan Stewart vs. Chiefs

These are the match ups that fantasy owners salivate over. A big bruising back on a team that runs the ball well, versus a smallish, undermanned defense that has been absolutely atrocious against the run this year (see Michael Turner in week 3). A hundy and a couple of TD’s may not be too far outside of the realm of possibility here. I knew at least one of my rookie RB’s would pan out.

Flex: Santonio Holmes @ Jags

As much as that Steelers O has underperformed this year, Holmes has been decent. Decent, is not why I drafted him in the 4th round. Jacksonville can be beat through the air, and I would be thrilled to see him have his breakout game this week on Sunday Night Football.

TE: Greg Olsen @ Lions

After “losing” Shockey to his little butt injury or whatever it is, I’ll probably just go on match ups until I figure something else out. The Lions suck, and Olsen scored last week, so who knows. Hopefully this won’t decide the outcome of my game.

K: Josh Scobee vs. Steelers

Scobee has been as good as any kicker so far this season, and their match up with the Steelers should be a close affair. I’ll stick with him yeat again this week.

Defense: New England @ 49ers

Even though the Ravens defense has been solid all year for me, I simply refuse to start them against my Titans. I picked up the equally hated Pats D, even after they stunk it up in Miami two weeks ago. I figure they’ll be pissed, and really, how good are the 49ers?

I got this one Joe.