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"“So he’s been criticized before, he’s been booed before, he’s been questioned before, and he’s lost and played poorly before. And he overcame all that here and handled every bit of it. So anybody who questions his sincerity or his toughness doesn’t have any clue who he is.”-Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown on Vince Young"

So, hopefully this will be the last bit I write about Vince Young and all of the chaos that has surrounded him over the last few weeks. I was on ESPN earlier and the lead story was about VY entitled “The Back Story” by Elizabeth Merrill.

In it, Merrill spoke with a number of Young’s former coaches and confidants about Vince’s past, present and future. It is a bit of a fluff piece, but it does provide a little more insight into how difficult it is for a sensitive young guy like VY to balance the two most opposite things one can imagine: humbleness and superstardom. We’ve said all along on Titans Sized that Young’s struggles over the past year and this injury may indeed be a blessing in disguise. Hopefully he will take this time to reflect on how important the game of football is to him, and more importantly, get a better grasp of how to play the quarterback position in the NFL (or simply manage the game because that is all that is asked as QB of the Titans). He knows that even when he is ready to return to the field (which he seems to be making progress) that it will not be as the team’s starting QB. He will return to the Titans as the backup to Kerry Collins and as a cheerleader for a team that looks to be among the cream of the crop in the AFC right now. So take this time to get your head right Vince, because they’re gonna need you, both on and of the field, if the Titans are really going to take this thing to the next level.

Read the full ESPN article here.

And here is another one by a lady that is mentioned in the article who used to be in VY’s inner circle.


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