Game Balls : Week 2


Offense: Kerry Collins

Following one of the more interesting weeks in the life of one Titans quarterback, it was another who helped calm the waters with a very steady performance yesterday. Collins was exactly what we need a quarterback to be for this team; someone who manages the game well, avoids mistakes and can move the ball down the field with precision accuracy and an ability to lead receivers coming out of their routes. Against the Bengals, he did all of these things. In fact, he did them quite well, and in extremely adverse conditions for a quarterback to be throwing the ball. Collins finished the afternoon 14 for 21 with 128 yards and a touchdown and most importantly, no turnovers. Vince Young was only supposed to miss four weeks at most, but today, head coach Jeff Fisher said that Collins will remain the starting quarterback if the team is playing well, even when Vince returns. The job now seems to be Collins to lose, and with the way that he played on Sunday, losing may not be in the Titans’ plans much this season.

Honorable Mention: Chris Johnson (of course) and Justin Gage

Defense: Keith Bulluck

Another great all around performance from the defense meant another tough call for this week’s game ball. While there were guys that maybe played more complete games, it was Bulluck who made the play that really sealed the outcome of this one. With the team already up 17-7 early in the fourth quarter, the Titans were able to pin the Bengals deep in their own territory.  Forced to punt out of their own end zone, the Titans unleashed the hounds on them and it was Bulluck, the biggest dawg of them all, that not only made the block, but also made the scoop for the score. It was, as they say, the “nail in the coffin”. We should just start calling Bulluck “The Coffin” because he is so ruthless on the field. He will rip your heart out, just like he did to the Bengals on Sunday. He is the leader of the defense, and the one that the team looks to to make those plays that change games and close doors.

Honorable Mentions: The secondary, for shutting down (and up) Housh and the “O.C.”