Titans/Packers preseason preview


On Thursday night, the Titans will square off against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau in their final warm-up before the regular season starts. Unlike most teams, who generally sit their starters for the last preseason game, the Titans plan on playing much of the first team, including VY, into the third quarter. I think that this is actually a good move in this case, because the last thing that the team wants is a struggling offense to sit for two weeks and get rusty.

While much has been made this off-season about how poorly Vince has played, offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger has been just as judgemental of the play of the receivers.

"“I’m really not that worried,” Heimerdinger said of quarterback Vince Young. “If he was going in the wrong spot and not reading the coverages it would be one thing. If his feet were wrong and was off-balance it would be one thing. But I just don’t see those problems right now. What I’d really like to see is more consistency with the guys surrounding him. And I’d like to see somebody step up and make a play for us.’’"

While I agree with much of the criticisms levied against VY (guilty as charged) I do agree with ‘Dinger on this point. And if you read the rest of the article, he doesn’t sound convinced that he’s got a group that is going to help take this team to the next level. Frankly, the wideouts have been every bit as awful as Vince has. They’ve run the wrong routes, dropped balls and simply given up on balls that could have been catchable. Really, the only bright spots on the O this off-season have been the running game and the play of the tight ends.

Since we know that Justin Gage and Justin McCareins will start the season as the top two wide receivers, it will be interesting to see how the coaches round out this group. What happens to guys like Biren Ealy and Paul Williams? Will Brandon Jones ever fulfill the promise that he flashes at times? Can Lavelle Hawkins become the kind of guy to move the chains like Derrick Mason used to do? All of these questions, and so little time before the start of the season. Hopefully tomorrow night can help us clear the air a little bit and end the preseason on a positive note. This team needs to have confidence going into the season, and if the receivers, and Young, can step up tomorrow night, it will go a long way in building that confidence.


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