Please stop mocking me.


All right, so I didn’t really know what to write about, and was pretty bored this evening, so I decided to live blog an online mock draft. Excited right? I’ve got my first real draft tomorrow, so I thought it might be some good practice. I’m in a 12-team Yahoo league with standard setting, plus points-per-reception (PPR). I used for this one because I can’t ever get ESPN‘s to work, and the CBS ones are usually pretty smooth. Here are how the teams break down in this draft: 14 rd. start 1QB/2RB/2WR/1flex (RB/WR)/K/Def. and 5 bench spots. So, here we go…

1st round:  I hated to do it, but I took Brady with the 5th pick. There is a huge drop-off after the top four (LT, A. Pete, Westbrook and Addai).

2nd round: I was targeting Larry Fitzgerald, Braylon Edwards or Reggie Wayne here, and both Fitz and Edwards fell to me. I had another tough choice here. Edwards may have more upside, but this is a PPR league so I take Fitzgerald.

3rd round: Ok, so I gotta go RB or another top-flight receiver here. Housh was still available, but so were two RB’s that I had my eye after I picked Brady: Michael Turner and Brandon Jacobs. I know turner hasn’t been a featured back in this league yet, but if he stays healthy and Norwood doesn’t cut into his carries, he’ll rack up a ton of yards behind that line and a lot of those long runs will be for touchdowns. Jacobs is just a beast. Someone who can run flatten a linebacker and then turn on the jets for a long gain. He has been hurt though, and I think Coughlin will spell him now and then because they have so many solid backups. Turner and the upside win.

4th round: I add a little veteran presence to the ball club and take Marvin Harrison. Last year was a fluke, right Marv? Please stay healthy and out of prison Mr. Harrison. Unless you’re playing the Titans…

5th round: I get auto-drafted Selvin Young because my Internet connection sucks. I had Witten queued up, but he was snagged the pick before me. Young seems to be Shannahan’s guy though, for now, so he will do.

6th round: Dallas Clark is the pick. Even though I didn’t get Witten, I’m pretty happy with it.

7th round: Not really sure what to do here, so I take value in RB Chester Taylor. Blah…

8th round: Didn’t need him, but I take Felix Jones. Too busy typing to really see what was going on so I just picked the guy that I saw first with the most upside. It’s all about value and upside now… Titans D next?

9th round: Titans defense. There was a huge run on defense, and they were the best available, so my hand was sort of forced. I do like the pick though; I just wish D’s didn’t go so early.

10th round: I need another WR or two so I take Patrick Crayton. Not crazy about him, but he is a decent plug-in for bye weeks.

11th round: So Dante’ Stallworth is who I take in the 11th. At least I’ve got some depth there, right?

12th round: Bironas is gone, so I’ll wait until the last round for a kicker. Don’t take one before then, but if you read our team preview on Yardbarker, you’d know that him and the defense are the most ownable fantasy assets for the Titans this year. Don’t sleep on Crumpler or either of the RB’s either. The draft is winding down, so again I go value and take QB John Kitna. If (oh please if) Brady misses time, Kitna will be a solid guy to fill in. He’s got tons of options at receiver, a big mouth and the Lord on his side. I’ll take it.

13th round: Deuce McAllister. It’s a 14 round draft in a 12 team league man. What do you want me to do?

14th round: Any old kicker will do. I’ll probably spot start here during the season anyways. David Akers it is.

Here’s a recap of my draft:

PlayerRound DraftedOverall PickStatusPos
Brady, Tom QB NE15AQB
Turner, Michael RB ATL329ARB
Young, Selvin RB DEN553ARB
Fitzgerald, Larry WR ARI220AWR
Harrison, Marvin WR IND444AWR
Clark, Dallas TE IND668ATE
Taylor, Chester RB MIN777ARB-WR
Akers, David K PHI14164AK
Titans DST9101ADST
Kitna, Jon QB DET12140RSQB
Crayton, Patrick WR DAL10116RSRB-WR
Jones, Felix RB DAL892RSRB-WR
McAllister, Deuce RB NO13149RSRB-WR
Stallworth, Donte’ WR CLE11125RSRB-WR

If this were my team in real/fantasy life (that’s where everyone lives isn’t it?) I wouldn’t be all that happy. I was gonna break it down, but there’s really no need. Pray for a top four pick or one towards the lower end of the draft. Five sucks. Unless of course you’re a Tom Brady fan… Wish me luck tomorrow friends!


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