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A couple of things that I thought you might enjoy for your weekend reading…

First, The University of Texas has decided to retire Vince Young’s #10 football jersey. He will be one of nine former Longhorn athletes to have his number retired at ceremonies during the 2008-2009 school year. Also being honored is former NCAA Basketball National Player of the Year and current Oklahoma City/Seattle Supersonic, Kevin Durant.

VY is responsible for one of the greatest single game performances by any athlete, on any level in his complete dismantling of the USC Trojans (Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, fellow Titan LenDale White) in the 2006 Rose Bowl. Vince accounted for 467 total yards and three rushing touchdowns in the championship game, good for the best performance ever in a BCS Championship game. No one who saw that game will ever forget it. I don’t know if we’ll ever see a display quite like that again by an individual on one of the biggest possible stages in sports. It still gives me chills to think about.

Of his achievement Vince had this to say: “Man, I’m speechless. I want to congratulate all of the UT legends who are having their jerseys retired in all of the sports. It’s humbling to be among that group.” (ESPN.com) Good to hear from Vince. Sounds like he understands his place in NCAA history and is proud to be there. Congrats.

In other Vince Young news, Reebok is set release the VY Electrify, a new shoe that Young has teamed with Reebok to create and will wear this upcoming football season. The VY Electrify will come in four different styles, the VY Electrify SD3, M3 and AT cleats, as well as the VY Preseason Trainer shoes. Here is a pic of them. Notice the “Pump Technology” on the heel. Pretty slick…

From MarketWatch.com:

“I’m happy to be working with Reebok and Dick’s Sporting Goods to launch my new cleat. I know it takes a lot of faith in an athlete for a company to create a signature product and I will do my best to make Reebok and Dick’s Sporting Goods proud,” said Vince Young. “As I say in the commercial; ‘I play in the greatest football league in the world. Experience, ability, and intuition got me here and I’m better equipped now than ever.’ This cleat is awesome and I can’t wait to wear it when it counts – in September.”

Look like VY is making some moves off the field. Let’s just hope that all of the exposure and acclaim translate into more TD passes and wins on the field.


In case you forgot how dominate Young was in the 2006 Rose Bowl here’s the video. Mind the music…

And of course, no wardrobe is complete without a set of football cleats. Click here to get your very own pair of VY Electrify.

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