An Introduction…


Welcome to the new Titan Sized Blog. This is Nick Bishop and Kellen Barton and we’ll be the main contributors to this blog from here on out. Hopefully there are some folks that have read this blog in the past, and will continue to read and contribute. We also hope that we will get more people involved over the course of the season. Before we get into some issues in the very near future we’d like to give a little bit of an overview of how we hope this thing will work.

We’d like to take a bit of a different approach to how sports are discussed. So much of the stuff that gets covered by columnists, bloggers, etc. are cluttered with the writer’s own personal views on the matter, which can be a bit off-putting at times. Instead, we’ll attempt to remove a lot of those pre-existing notions about players, personnel and the franchise as a whole, and somehow get to the bottom line. Don’t get us wrong, we can be quite opinionated (and often won’t agree with each other), but we can be rational and logical enough to be able to strip things down to the “nuts and bolts” of the matter, if you will.

We also feel as though a blog should be a place where readers go to interact with one another, as well as with the writer. This is quite different than say a message board on ESPN or CNNSI. The writer should not only spark this interaction, but also (along with the readers) help steer the conversation. Ideally, this would lead to a sort of running dialogue between the two. We will post videos, pictures, and quotes where we feel relevant, in hopes that this helps create a bigger context in which to view the team as a whole.

At times we might also throw in some stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with the Titans, but these subjects will be sports related, and typically pertain to the area (i.e. Predators, Sounds, Vanderbilt Commodores, etc). Both of us have lived in Nashville longer than we haven’t, and have seen this city grow into a legitimate sports town on all levels, which is something we are quite proud of.

Basically, we want to have fun with this. We want to engage people, and in doing so, make Titan-Sized a place where we can have an open and honest discussion about the face and future of our franchise. We look forward to the upcoming season, the 10th in Nashville, and hope to hear some feedback, positive or not. With training camp right around the corner, we can already feel the excitement here as I’m sure many of you can, no matter what city you live in or which team you root for. We would also like to thank the folks at Fan Sided for this opportunity. We are extremely grateful for the chance to write about our Tennessee Titans. So, let’s get this thing going, and Go Titans!