Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker (10). Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Is Tennessee Titans Quarterback Jake Locker Better Than Vince Young?

Vince Young (10) Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s talk about the Tennessee Titans’ past, present, and future at the quarterback spot.  Many fans in the Twittersphere and blogs have voiced their opinion that Vince Young is as good of a quarterback as Jake Locker.

Is he?

Locker has his faults.  He’s inconsistent facing pressure.  His footwork can get sloppy, causing him to sail passes over receivers or one-hop them into the ground.  Although his receivers don’t always help him, Jake also struggles with accuracy at times.  That’s a lot of flaws considering that an NFL quarterback needs to be able to face pressure, be consistently accurate, and have great footwork.

But there are two things Jake has that rivals most NFL quarterbacks: a strong work ethic and high emotional IQ.

I would say those are the two most important characteristics a quarterback has to have.  It just so happens that those are the two things that Young struggled with the most.

Young threw 30 interceptions in his first two years in the NFL.  Say what you want about Locker’s inaccuracy, but I would take 56-percent passing over the interceptions all day and twice on Sundays.  Yet, the interceptions aren’t the reason the Titans traded in the old model No. 10 for the shiny, new model.  The reason Young isn’t wearing two-toned blue anymore is that he was a complete basket case when he was in Tennessee.

Need I remind you that Vince acted in a way that alarmed his friends and family then went missing for a couple of hours?  Need I remind you that this Titans quarterback took his pads off and threw them into the stands in frustration.  He then proceeded to have a yelling session with his boss, Jeff Fisher, and storm out of the locker room.  Oh yeah, and need I remind you of this picture?  That’s just awkward.

Vince’s athletic ability was insanely apparent.  He led us to 10-6.  He had some great SportsCenter highlights.  Vince even made this team nationally relevant which is a very underrated thing to do.  However, Locker’s mental stability alone makes him a much better franchise quarterback prospect than VY ever was.

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  • Mechguy

    Oh yeah,,,,,, I agree. Jake has shown the ability to LEARN,,,,, that right there is all you can ask for.

    • Terrance

      Vince was learning AND improving every season. Locker will never have a QB rating as good as Young’s 98 in 2010, when Young was yanked from the game, then permanently barred from the clubhouse by Fisher. All with the playoffs in striking distance.
      Fisher, the consummate professional, happily flushed the season away, publicly belittled Young’s attempts to apologize, and happily gtfo of Tennessee.

      • Mechguy

        Young’s overall passer rating is 74.4 ,,,, Jake equaled that in his first year and will no doubt surpass that this year. Young admitted in a letter to Fisher that he had been immature and not paying attention and those are HIS words. He knew he blew it,,,,maybe you need to accept it too. He admitted that Fisher was trying to make him a leader and he didn’t listen,,,, there goes your “learning and improving” every year guess about Young,,,,he didn’t and his actions proved it.

        • Terrance

          Young’s letter was a sad, last ditch effort to get a pardon from the coach who worked to ruin his career. The letter was filled with a lot of gratuitous rhetoric to that end.

          Fisher btw is a press conference expert and better politician, than football coach.

          Young proved he was a leader when the OWNER started him at QB and the pathetic Titans finally started winning all their games.Like night and day. And those weren’t words. They were wins.

          So sorry Fisher treated you like an idiot and hauled ass, but at least he made you like it. And Locker is a good fit for TN.

          • Mechguy

            You must be reading Young’s diary because that’s not how it happened. The owner was backing Fisher and Vince was dropped, but Fisher had enough and left. Now Vince has been at three different NFL teams and never had an efficiency rating above 44. The Eagles and then the Bills dropped this head case because despite any talent he may have had,,,,, his head wasn’t where it should be. If you think Fisher was wrong maybe you better talk to the rest of the NFL because none of them want VY either.

          • Terrance

            Who knows what happened behind closed doors.

            But we do know that the Titans were in a losing, death spiral under Fisher. We know that the owner forced Vince Young on Fisher, and the owner finally insisted that Young get the starting spot. We know that the Titans instantly started winning.
            We can safely assume that Fisher was butthurt, because it looked like the 90 year old owner was right, and Fisher was wrong.

            Vince Young was about winning, and he did that. He did his job. Nobody knows wtf Fisher was up to. Winning games for his employer and the fans certainly wasn’t his priority. Fisher, always the savvy and sophisticated manipulator, was the one to land on his feet. The poorly represented 24 year old guy from the ghetto, who transformed the Titans into winners, gets blamed and blackballed from the league, even though he did his job.

          • Mechguy

            Life is tough,,,,, everyone learns they are not in charge of everything and they need to do what they are told. Otherwise you can be broke busted and disgusted pleading for a job and owing millions,,,,,,, but he did it HIS way. That is not much comfort. If he had talent,,,, the NFL would have found it because there are teams that would kill for a winning QB. But when you wont listen, wont learn and wont stfu,,,,,, you are VY. I don’t buy the poor ghetto kid bs for a second.

  • Jay

    Vince Young consistently made winning plays in the 4th quarter in a one possession league.. when is Jake gonna LEARN that?

  • Terrance

    LOL Titan fans think Jeff Fisher is a good coach. Titan fans think Fisher was honest with his employer and with the fan-base. So we’re talking about a bunch of idiots here. Vince Young led Fisher’s loser team to victory in spite of Fisher and in spite of the fans. First Fisher couldn’t get his team to win football games. And then he wanted them to lose, with Rusty Smith. But that’s all Vince Young’s fault.

    Locker is perfect for Tennessee and their fans. Mental stability nation. Locker will never be Vince Young. Young wasn’t mediocre. And Locker is better for the Titans.

    • Alison Cooke

      Don’t lump all Titans fans in one group. :) I am a DIE HARD fan… I was Team Vince all the way. Fisher was nothing more than a mediocre coach and a master manipulator and good PR guy. He was a big baby who didn’t get his USC QB like he wanted so he acted like a spoiled brat when it came to Vince. VY was our guy, but for Vince’s sake, I’m glad he is no longer a Titan. Fisher turned the fans against him and VY should play somewhere where he is supported. I hope Locker proves to be a great QB for our Titans, but I wish things had gone differently with VY. I wish he would have come to The Titans under a coach who would have coached him instead of undermining him at every turn. I wish him all the success in Green Bay and wherever he lands in the future. I hope it’s not too late for him to still have a great career. Because his talent is undeniable.

  • Jeff

    “However, Locker’s mental stability alone makes him a much better franchise quarterback prospect than VY ever was.”

    This is true only if you are a simpleton who cares nothing about the long-term viability of your franchise. Need I remind you VY was voted “Captain” as a Rookie by HIS TEAMMATES?

    He was vilified and never truly supported by the Nashville Media, had an ESPN dumb-dumb claiming to have first hand knowledge from Jeff Fisher (who never wanted VY in the 1st place) that VY would never last in the NFL and was called everything from a “crack-baby” to a “retard”. I think Vince did well not to lose his cool any sooner than he did, especially considering the Titans made the stupid decision of getting rid of a ready made mentor for VY who already had an established relationship with him in Steve McNair. That might possibly be the dumbest thing the Titans have done since they moved to Tennessee.

  • Jahid

    Is this article some kind of joke. Vince was doomed before the draft just like they sunk Cam Newton here before the draft. All I heard was Cam’s low wonderlic score. Locker score is lower than Cam’s but you didn’t here about it because this is a tea bag town. There is no way you can begin to compare the pampered Locker to Vince. Vince was thrown in the fire and done well with a veteran QB and coach working against him.