Aug 17, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (4) rolls out of the pocket in the third quarter of a preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans: Too Soon To Call For Ryan Fitzpatrick

The Tennessee Titans have now fallen to 0-2 in preseason and with clear signs that improvements are needed. While preseason receives mixed opinions from some on its validity, it still gives fans a chance to get a glimpse into the team. When it comes to quarterback in Tennessee, fans are still restless.

Looking through social media sights, it’s clear that some fans are already calling for Jake Locker to be demoted and for Ryan Fitzpatrick to be given the opportunity to be the starter in Tennessee.

So is this actually needed or even possible?

The answer I sit on comfortably as of right now is: no.

It simply doesn’t make sense to demote Locker yet after two preseason games. While preseason gives insight, it is not the best definitive proof on the failure or success of a player. So while some believe Locker has been shaky or so-so in his performances thus far, it’s just not enough to pull the plug just yet.

Jim Wyatt recently shared an interesting statistic on Twitter. Locker has the lowest passer rating of all three QB’s after two weeks and obviously many factors play into this. The defense each of them is playing against is much different, the number of snaps varies greatly, and with so much going on in preseason games, it’s not a solidified starting rotation just yet.

Jumping the gun and trying to call for Fitzpatrick is simply the wrong route to go as of right now. Locker still deserves the chance to prove himself in the regular season and undermining his confidence is just not the way to go about it. There is no denying Locker has competition and who knows in time maybe a switch will be made, just not right now.

While Locker may be on the hot seat with Fitzpatrick waiting in the wing, at this time Locker really has nothing to worry about, especially in terms of preseason play.

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  • Joshua Huffman

    Agreed. People jump the gun way too fast.

    • Nick Pitakos

      I think it was even more the fact that it was only a preseason game just completely unecessary to want a change so fast.

  • Bennie Guardado

    This is absurd. Not only because it is preseason but Locker is having a solid preseason. His stats do not tell the whole tale. Such as the drops… if anything people need to be calling for Britt to be benched.

    • Nick Pitakos

      I definitely agree. I am honestly very surprised at how quickly people are jumping against Locker. There is really no reason for it.

  • Dave Boucher

    He looked great until the receivers dropped every 3rd down ball inside the Red Zone. I’ve followed Jake since he was a freshman at UW. He isn’t the most polished QB but he’s a winner. Fitz lost his job in Buffalo cuz he throws to the wrong team (like Hasslebeck). Locker will lead his Titans to the playoffs in 2014. Let the guy play an entire season without injury first.

  • titansfan

    If memory serves me correctly, Seattle did the exact thing last season. They signed back up quarterback from Green Bay and started the other rookie who made the Seahawks a threat last year.

    • Joshua Huffman

      Are you saying that replacing Jake Locker with Ryan Fitzpatrick would be the same thing as replacing Matt Flynn with Russell Wilson?

      • titansfan

        Would you have thought otherwise regarding the Seahawks situation? Why is it so far-fetched to understand? Looking at last season and this pre-season….Locker isn’t ready. We need the veteran in the game to allow Locker to learn. Setting this franchise up for more failure in order to gain Locker the experience he needs is not conducive for winning championships. Isn’t that what Bud wants? It’s what I want.

        • Joshua Huffman

          Russell Wilson was a rookie who replaced the veteran (albeit, inexperienced). Only similarity between Russell Wilson and Ryan Fitzpatrick is that they were No. 2 quarterbacks. Definitely not the same situation or style of players involved.

          Ryan Fitzpatrick never made Buffalo a winner. He has had years worth of meaningful games to determine that he’s an inconsistent quarterback who couldn’t lead his team anywhere near the playoffs. Career completion rate below 60%. Throws lots of interceptions.

          Playing Fitzpatrick is not conductive to winning championships. He wasn’t good enough to continue starting for Ralph Wilson. Why is he suddenly good enough to start for Bud Adams?

          • titansfan

            Because Ryan is better than Locker. At least Ryan has a career completion rate. Locker has a season of running for his life and a shoulder injury. I’d take Ryan over Jake every day and twice on Sunday.

          • Joshua Huffman

            If Fitzpatrick ends up better than Locker…Titans are screwed regardless. We’ve seen Fitzpatrick’s upside and it’s not taking anybody to the Promised Land.

            Locker will get one full season to show what he can do IF he can stay healthy (history suggests this is a huge if). If he fails, they draft another QB. If he’s average, Munchak may give him one more season.

          • steve

            I am a bills fan who lives in buffalo, trust me, stick with locker, he is the better QB, and that does not say a lot. fitz aint taking anyone anywhere

          • titansfan

            Neither is Locker so we’re all screwed.

          • titansfan

            Munchak may be out next season with Locker. Bud isn’t going to put up with mediocre for another season.

          • Bennie Guardado

            Do you live in a fantasy land where Fitzpatrick is anything more than a second string QB? Are you trolling? I can’t think of any other reasons why you could possible think starting Fitzpatrick makes sense. Locker has done everything the coaching staff has asked of him so far. They said that their goal for him was to be comfortable in the pocket making quick decisions this preseason. Which he has done. Also, he has improved his accuracy as well. He is 19/31 so far, which does not factor in around five drops. Even with the drops he has completed 60% of his passes. Which is better than his 54% from last year. I could go on but I get the feeling that it will not make a difference. Fitz is playing a second string defense, when we are behind and trying to air it out…. I have to stop. I don’t think you really watch the games.

          • titansfan

            I’ve been a Titans fan since they were the Oilers. So up yours for calling me a troll. Let’s revisit this conversation when the team is 0-6.

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