December 23, 2012; Jacksonville, FL, USA; A Jacksonville fan holds up a sign referencing trading New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (not pictured) to the Jaguars during the second half of the game against the New England Patriots at EverBank Field. The Patriots defeated the Jaguars 23-16. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans Fans Don’t Want Tim Tebow and His Cult—Right?

Tim Tebow: Tennessee Titans Fans Don’t Want QB and His Cult—Right?

Dec. 23, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) leads a prayer after the game against the San Diego Chargers at MetLife Stadium. Chargers won 27-17. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine if Peyton Manning had signed with the Tennessee Titans. Few things would’ve created more commotion among the fan base and the Middle Tennessee community, especially in Nashville. No other free-agent quarterback could’ve created such a frenzy. Some businesses were getting downright delusional when they tried to bribe Manning with their offerings (e.g. free pancakes, MoonPies). 

No other player would have that type of circus following them around in Nashville. Maybe the closest that anyone would come: Tim Tebow.

On Apr. 29, the New York Jets released Tebow. At age 25, the third-year veteran has been dismissed from two teams. After a 2011-12 NFL season when Tebow led the Denver Broncos to a divisional playoff appearance, he was traded to the Jets. The Jets used him as a special-teams player and No. 3 quarterback. In one season, this special-teams player and No. 3 quarterback earned more media attention than some starting quarterbacks do during their entire careers.

Located in the heart of SEC country, there are Nashvillians who’d love to see Tebow return to the Southeast, the area where Tebow—with help from the media—made himself into a national phenomenon. Part of that came from winning two BCS Championships with the University of Florida. Part of that comes with his off-field behavior and a religious background that adheres to many Bible Belt followers.  

What these fans can’t agree on: who should Tebow play for? Could Tebow become a key positional player or starting quarterback for the Titans? Or do these fans just want to see the Jaguars try to win with Tebow as their quarterback? Simply put, they foresee it as two divisional freebies.  

Many different opinions exist on Tebow and his future NFL career. Some point toward his career 47.9-percent completion percentage as evidence that Tebow isn’t capable of becoming a starting quarterback at this level. An argument against this is that he just wins. Some believe that he has the physique to become a quality tight end or fullback.

The Titans already appear to have their quarterback depth chart set: Jake Locker, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Rusty Smith. With so many new additions from free agency and the 2013 NFL Draft, this team will have a hard enough time trying to develop a chemistry before a difficult seven-game opening to their 2013-14 schedule. Now add Tebow and his cult’s non-stop demands that he dethrones Locker as the starting quarterback before Week 1.

Let’s make this clear: Tebow-to-Titans will never happen with this regime. Nor should it. With that said, it won’t stop some discussion on the hypothetical. 

How would you feel about Tebow joining the Titans? Does it matter what position he’d play or are you flat out against it? Answer in the fan poll below. All discussions on Disqus, Facebook and Twitter are welcomed and encouraged.

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  • 1lumpsum

    Fans do want Tim Tebow as a Titan. Not every fan but MOST do. And Christianity is a cult? Nice dig there. New O-line, C2K, Spread Option and Pistol formations + Tim Tebow = Winning.

    • Joshua Huffman

      Could care less about Christianity (or religion for that
      matter. If it’s your cup of tea, then that’s your right).

      But I should clarify that when I’m talking about
      “Tebow’s cult,” that I’m talking about his massive cult-like following. I sort
      of feel bad for him because he does seem like a fantastic person.
      Unfortunately, his followers’ obsession (and the media’s ability to ride off of that obsession) will make it hard for Tebow to get a real chance at any significant role, especially at QB.

      • 1lumpsum

        “Could care less about Christianity (or religion for that
        matter.” I’m shocked, shocked that you would say that! Not! Hey what’s that picture you have at the top? Tebow in a prayer circle? Who are they praying to? Allah? I think if Tebow was not so open about he’s faith you would be a LOT more welcoming of him, but you won’t admit to it. Liberals are incapable of intellectual honesty, it really is a mental disorder.

        • josh gunnels

          All right fellas. No need to get religous or political. Yes Tebow has a cult like following that is partly due to his openness about his religion. It’s also in part because of his big plays at the end of horrible games that led to amazing wins, as well as his college career.

          I like Tebow and rooted for him when he was on the Broncos. Fun to watch. That being said, there’s no way I would want him quarterbacking my team. It has nothing to do with religion or politics for me. I simply would rather have Locker or Fitzpatrick even run this offense. It has nothing to do with his religion.

          I also would hate to have the media circus that follows Tebow around as well. The team doesn’t need that kind of distraction in a make or break year.

        • Mat. W.

          It’s not about Tebow’s religion whatsoever. The fact is, he’s not a good quarterback AT ALL. This will be his fourth year and his THIRD team (if he even gets signed). If he’s so damn good why didn’t Denver keep him? Why didn’t The Jets keep him? They started Mark Sanchez over him, for fucks sake. On top of that, we just signed Fitzpatrick, why the FUCK would we sign Tebow? Because a lot of the Titans fan base is Christian?

          We’re short on cash as it is, lord knows we need ANOTHER third string quarterback. And before you even mention Tebow making the playoffs, remember that Mark Sanchez did, too. Look at how he’s doing now.

          What I think Mr. Huffman meant is that he couldn’t care less what Tebow’s religion is. You’re the one bringing religion into the argument here. You’re the one interpreting Mr. Huffman’s post in an incorrect and unflattering manner. You’re the one that’s assuming WAY too much from one sentence.

          “Liberals are incapable of intellectual honesty, it really is a mental disorder.” What the fucking fuck? Do you know the definition of irony? (This is rhetorical, by the way, you obviously don’t) How did we go from talking about Tim fucking Tebow to bashing liberals? Do you know Mr. Huffman personally? Do you know his religious views? How do you know he is a liberal? You’re assuming SO MUCH from so little about somebody you don’t even know.

          Bigots are incapable of intelligence in general. So please, do everybody a favor and just keep your misguided and uneducated feelings to yourself.

          And I know the only response I’m gunna get is “HURR DUUR FUCKING HIPPIES DERP DERP DERP”, and all of the points I just made will be instantly voided in your mind, so, whatever. You just REALLY pissed me off and I had to get this off my chest.

          On a side note, based on this poll I’m REALLY FUCKING GLAD that the majority of fans have no say in who the Titans sign. Talk about a shit team.

          • 1lumpsum

            “Do you know his religious views?” Yes I do. He STATED them. “How do you know he is a liberal?” Same way I know you are. I have discernment, You lack it, it’s part of your mental disorder. And “You’re the one interpreting Mr. Huffman’s post in an incorrect and unflattering manner.” No I’m not. Mr. Huffman was doing a double entendre with the title of this post. “Tebows fans are a cult/Tebows religion is a cult, might as well worship the flying spaghetti monster”. If you did not have a mental disorder and were intellectualy honest you would admit that’s EXACTLY what he was doing with this blog title.

          • Mat. W.

            See, no point in arguing with you. You ignored 3/4′s of my reply and are now labeling me as mentally incapable because my political views are different than yours. How intelligent.

            That’s the last I will say, sorry everybody.

          • 1lumpsum

            First you say ” I know the only response I’m gunna get is “HURR DUUR FUCKING HIPPIES DERP DERP DERP”, then you say… “and are now labeling me as mentally incapable because my political views are different than yours.” . LOL!

          • Mat. W.

            What you just said makes absolutely no sense.

          • 1lumpsum

            I’m sure it doesn’t to you. Hey American Idol or Dancing with the Stars is on, you don’t want to miss it so you better get off here, and I’m sure you’re worried about all the excess carbon dioxide you’re creating by using your Macbook so much on this blog today so you better go now.

  • Guest

    And this argument is exactly why the Titans DON’T need Tebow. Bottom line is he brings distraction and controversy whether his fault or the media’s. Don’t want it here, no matter how good or bad he is on the field. PERIOD.

  • Scott Johnston

    Tim is more than welcome to come to Nashville! We would be proud to have him as a Titan so long as they have a plan to incorporate him into the line up. The Jets sure didn’t. Rex Ryan doesn’t have a clue! They should have let Teebo go to Jacksonville, where he would have played.

  • Joseph Mobley

    As a life long titan fan i say give him a shot. We have been trash since Vince young left and the QBs we have now suck! And please don’t call our faith a cult have some respect no for us but for our God thank you.

  • 1lumpsum

    Memphis Grizzlies Fans Don’t Want Jason Collins and His Ball Handling -Right?