Aug. 25, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Vince Young (10) looks to make a pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the second half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Steelers beat the Bills 38-7. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Vince Young Impresses at Pro Day: I’m Not Impressed

Am I the only one not impressed by Vince Young “impressing” scouts at the University of Texas’ Pro Day?  Apparently Gil Brandt loved VY’s work on the field:

Brandt was more effusive in his praise, saying Young “put on a show” and was “magnificent” passing the ball in the pocket and on the run. Brandt touted Young’s accuracy; a few of Young’s long tosses to Texas receiver Marquise Goodwin drew “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd.

I’m not impressed. Not in the least. This guy has failed to stick on any roster since his departure from the Tennessee Titans just a few years back. He burnt out in Philadelphia and then failed to stick to a pretty unimpressive roster in Buffalo.

This is the guy who divided a locker room in Tennessee; a guy who threw his pads into the stands after being frustrated with then head coach Jeff Fisher.

Young’s antics are ever reminiscent of a child. In his latest interviews and interactions with the media, I haven’t seen much change. He’s a child who wants another shot. One such example, at least to myself, was him discussing an “apology” letter he wrote to Jeff Fisher. A real apology isn’t something you use as a media piece to try and rebuild your image. That’s exactly what that letter feels like to me. It’s VY pointing to a letter saying, “Look! I’ve matured! I’ve changed!”

I don’t even think it was his idea. I feel it was something his people told him to do in order to repair his image.

It hasn’t repair it in my eyes.

Maybe I’m a little sore over a former Titans draft pick who burnt the Titans. Maybe he has changed. But an almost 30-year old QB who is stealing players spotlights at their Pro Day doesn’t say a lot to me. While I’m fine with Young getting another shot with whatever NFL team will have him, I don’t think it’s right that he’s in the way of other young guys at their Pro Day. He had his already, give them their time in the spotlight.

In the end, I think VY is all about VY. Nothing’s changed.

A 30-year old QB throwing in shorts and a shirt to a bunch of 21-year old kids at their Pro Day isn’t changing my mind, however good he may have looked.


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  • josh gunnels

    Glad I’m not the only one that thought him performing at then pro day was weird.
    People act like him throwing against air is a good thing and talking about how good his throws were .
    Yeah. He was a third overall pick and been in the freakin NFL for 8 years. I would hope he looked good in shorts throwing planned routes. So what?

    • Justin Stewart

      I know. I can’t believe I haven’t read any other articles dishing on him. It’s like an old man trying to party with a bunch of young kids.

      The whole thing just irks me.

  • Matt Schwass

    The fact that they let “veterans” go out on pro days doesn’t make sense to me. You said it best VY hasn’t changed. And I’m kinda glad, because that makes me not feel so bad for him.

    • Justin Stewart

      Sad to see a guy waste a career in the NFL because they’ve got a big head and maturity problem.

      “Team work makes the dream work.” <– Doesn't realize there is no "i" in team.

  • Anthony Gage

    VY helped out the UT Wrs it was a Great work out for everyone I hope you get another shot VY ppl do change….

    • Justin Stewart

      I think the WR’s would have been just fine without him. Shouldn’t be there stealing media and scout attention away from these guys. Certainly shouldn’t be the story about their pro day. ESPN talked more about him than soon to be 1st round pick Kenny Vaccaro.

      • Anthony Gage

        I know two guys in the NFL that have done some bad things so to speak M Vick Big Ben and the list goes on and you mean to tell that VY throwing to a group of UT WR that Mack asked him to is that bad he’s just trying to make a come back its works out for everyone give the guy a break Go Titans. …

        • Justin Stewart

          I feel ya. There’s a lot of guys who’ve done bad things in the NFL. Hell, Ray Lewis may have murdered a guy.

          I’m just saying that I’m tired of hearing about VY and his comeback attempt. He put himself in this position and there’s no one to blame but himself.

          • Anthony Gage

            You are so right Justin I agree but like to see ppl turn there life around he has to start some were to get back on the right track. Hey is there any news on Nate Washington

          • Justin Stewart


            As for Washington, I wish. Haven’t heard anything since Munchak said that they weren’t looking to trade him. If we do hear something, it’ll probably come up during the draft, when they could look to trade him for a pick.

        • josh gunnels

          NO ONE is worse than Vick. The only person in the NFL that could make me turn on my time if they wanted anything to do with him.

  • David Fleming

    Even if VY is truly contrite about his past transgressions in the NFL, it still doesn’t change the fact that he can’t read a route tree in the pocket. His mechanics inevitably break down and he becomes flustered.

    • Justin Stewart

      There’s a reason why he couldn’t even stick in Buffalo.

      • David Fleming

        Tarvaris Jackson, I mean c’mon.

  • Walter Carol

    The trouble has, and will always be, the same for Vince Young. He can’t spell defense, much less read one. Add in the immaturity that still plagued him in Philadelphia and you can see where this will end up. Stay in school Mr. Young and get your degree. This ship has sailed.

    • Justin Stewart

      Sound advice. Imagine how much time he could have saved by doing that the first time he went to school.