Apr 27, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans first round draft pick Kendall Wright stands between Titans general manager Ruston Webster (left) and head coach Mike Munchak (right) during a press conference in the Titans Training facility at Baptist Sports Park. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

2013 NFL Draft: Tennessee Titans Pick Two

The Titans are going to have to make some tough choices in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Before the start of free agency, it was well known what the Titans biggest needs were going forward.  Safety, Guard x2(interior O-line), and a DE (pass rush) were unarguably the top 3, and probably in that order.   Jared Cook added TE to that illustrious list at the last minute as well.  Following this top echelon of need lay CB, DT and even RB.  Not to mention the complete lack of depth at almost every position on the roster.  So basically the Titans needed an overhaul.

Well the Titans came out swinging for once and attacked free agency the way they said they would. They signed S George Wilson who was released by Buffalo before free agency even started.  On the first day of free agency they followed suit by signing the #1 rated and most ceoveted guard available in Andy Levitre followed closely by wrapping up Delanie Walker the 49ers versatile TE.

After week one, the Titans have signed the following players:

  • DT Sammie Lee Hill
  • RB Shonn Greene
  • LB Moises Fokou
  • G Rob Turner
  • QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
  • S Bernard Pollard
Not a bad haul.

It’s safe to say that the Titans did what they could do shore up some major holes, and that the order of the “needs” has changed.  Or have they? Guard on the right side of the line is still relatively unfilled.  Turner is a good depth signing, but most in St. Louis were glad to see him go.  He’s basically Amano/Harris’s  replacement.

The Titans haven’t signed a DE at all at this point.  Signing DT Sammie Hill, and no one else, does allude to the idea that Gray and Williams are planning to use Ayers more as a pass rusher.  Not to mention that an improved interior will help Morgan and Wimbley get their hands on the quarterback.  While a DE hasn’t been signed, it was at least addressed in a round about way.

Safety would still be in play for a top need if they hadn’t gotten Pollard to sign as well.  Now, between him and Wilson, you have two veteran starters that can compete and probably make it on the field at the same time in certain packages.  It gives the Titans time to see what Markelle Martin has and they can kick that can down the road another year.  Yet the Pollard signing is for only one year, and I wouldn’t put it past the Titans to take a safety high if the right guy fell to them in the second or third round.

Do you feel so good at these initial positions of need that you’re ready to go best player available in the draft?  What about wide receiver?  With the news of the Titans shopping Nate Washington, combined with Britt’s constant conversations with the Garden State’s finest, I’ve heard a lot of fan push for drafting a WR in the first (namely Cordarelle Patterson).

Come On Down

So let’s play a game:

The draft can only produce so many good players, even for the teams that are the “best” at drafting.  If you’re lucky (or really good), then 2 of your top 3 picks can hit and end up being good long term starters for your team on the cheap.  Odds are you’ll end up hitting on a later round pick that was probably a depth selection as well.

Here’s the problem.  The Titans need legitimate help and youth at more than two spots. G, DE, and S.  For fun, let’s throw in a 3rd CB for nickel packages and another WR as equal needs at this point.  So who do you take with the first two selections?  Here’s a list of options as they sit right now (more or less):


  1. Chance Warmack
  2. Jonathan Cooper
  3. Larry Warford
*Defensive End
  1. “Ziggy” Ansah
  2. “Tank” Carradine
  3. Bjoern Werner
  4. Damontre Moore
*all of the guys in this group will probably be gone by the time the Titans pick in the second round


  1. Kenny Vaccaro
  2. Matt Elam
  3. D.J. Swearinger
  4. Johnathan Cyprien
  1. Dee Milliner
  2. Xavier Rhodes
  3. Desmond Trufant
Wide Receiver
  1. Cordarelle Patterson
  2. Keenan Allen
  3. Tavon Austin
  4. Justin Hunter
*Before anyone emails me that these guys should be in a different order, this is a rough representation of the top targets at each position.  This is not indicative of any kind of Big Board, etc.

So now you have to PICK TWO!  And if you use up a 1 or a 2, the next guy has to come from 3 or below.   Shopping starts to get a little tough doesn’t it?  When you look at it this way, it really draws your focus to what you can’t have from the other group.  Can you really afford to take a WR in the first?

The way I see it, if the Titans take G in the first, they will be going S or CB in the second and wait on a DE in the third.  The defense needs help and they can’t just keep helping the offense.  If they pick anything other than G in the first, then they’re running BPA for the rest of the draft.

Personally, I would be happy if the Titans could trade their entire draft from the 3rd on, to move up and get another second round pick.  Forget developing fifth round guys for 3 years and then cutting them.  Get back into the second and end up “picking 3″ instead of 2!

So what do you think?  Who’s your two?  Use the names here or write your own in.


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  • http://www.titansized.com/ Justin Stewart

    Patterson, Patterson, Patterson!!! Woohoo!!!! Ha ha. You know I had to…

    • James Hayes

      Jake locker for prez!!! CP for VP!!!

      • josh gunnels

        you guys are killing me!

        • http://www.titansized.com/ Justin Stewart

          Haters gonna hate!

  • http://twitter.com/pullmyFANGer Austin Burton

    I’m still holding out hope we draft Patterson in the first. With Britt being in the last year of his rookie contract, unless he becomes a top tier WR, we will let him walk. CP would provide that big red zone target that we would lack if Britt were to leave. Not to mention his value in the return game. Yeah, yeah, Mariani and Reynaud and blah, blah, blah! Neither can hold a candle to Cordarelle. I don’t see the Titans taking a Guard in the second. Seems like there would be options in the mid rounds for that so I am going to say they go S in the second. I’ll throw a name out that isn’t on this list: Eric Reid out of LSU.

    • http://www.titansized.com/ Justin Stewart

      The big question about guard is who they’ll have starting on the right side. Nobody there to start right now. Hate to see them swing and miss in the draft and make that a weak spot in the line.

      I’m all on the Patterson train, though. I wouldn’t bring Britt back. Take Patterson, let him learn the ropes his first year and unleash him in his second. That type of talent isn’t available very often.

      • http://twitter.com/pullmyFANGer Austin Burton

        My thinking is this: They let Matthews go. Bruce’s son wasn’t offered a spot! I thought he did well last year when he had to step in. For them to do that, there has to be a plan. I wouldn’t think that plan would be to get a rookie and have him jump in right away. Is Amano actually gone? I was under the assumption that he was still under contract. If that’s the case, you put him at RG and draft his replacement in the mid rounds this year. Guards are a dime a dozen and this years class is deep at that position, from what I’ve read. And why is Barrett Jones not being mentioned? Would be good to put him at Center and move Velasco to RG. Apparently he has a really high football IQ. Doesn’t hurt that he is a local kid. And I’m sure Bruce loves the fact that he played every position on the line at Alabama.

        As far as Britt goes, I would bring him back even if we get Patterson. Just not for a high price. He hasn’t been consistent enough to warrant #1 WR money but I wouldn’t necessarily dismiss bringing him back because of how good he CAN be. I recall being bit by that with Blount a few years back. Nothing would be worse than to let him go and watch him flourish elsewhere.

        • josh gunnels

          I would think this last year proved that guards AREN’T a dime a dozen. Especially when you play JJ Watt twice a year.

          • http://twitter.com/hoodrich615 rodrell vaughn

            Hence Adam Levitre!!!!’

          • http://www.titansized.com/ Justin Stewart

            So who you putting in at RG?

          • josh gunnels

            yeah , but what about the other side?

          • http://www.facebook.com/PapaBear1028 Logan BewaretheBear Coubert

            andy but i agree i love patterson but id trade down for picks and select xavier rhodes and then id use the extra picks we have and trade up for hunter. im a vols fan and i think hunter has a very high upside

        • http://twitter.com/hoodrich615 rodrell vaughn

          He was awful!!!

      • josh gunnels


    • josh gunnels

      I have to say I can’t believe that people would want Cordarelle in the first. Everyone keeps talking about 2014 when Britt’s contract is up. Am I the only one that doesn’t give a rat’s a** about the year after next? And his contributions in a rookie year aren’t going to translate to outright wins IMO.

      • http://twitter.com/hoodrich615 rodrell vaughn

        So what do you suggest and how would you address our stagnant 26th ranked offense?

        • josh gunnels

          First off the defense was worse than the offense as bad as the offense was.

          The offensive problems were not lack of explosive playmakers last year.
          The problems were poor play calling and offensive scheme, combined with a QB carousel and followed by a deteriorating offensive line that was a weak point to begin with.

          I’ve said before you could have put Calvin Johnson on this team last year and it wouldn’t have done much for the offense.

          By having a stable line and a hopefully less complicated offensive scheme that focuses on moving the chains, the offense can do just fine with Locker, Britt, Washington, Wright, CJ, Walker and Greene. Not to mention if Taylor Thompson progresses he could turn into a downfield mismatch threat.

          • http://www.titansized.com/ Justin Stewart

            God I hope Thompson has progressed a lot…..

          • josh gunnels

            that would be a pleasant surprise for sure. the Titans could use something like that to go better than expected to offset the all the bad crap that usually happens.

  • Matt Ward

    I’d love to see Cooper in the first and Trufant or any DE listed in the 2nd

    • http://www.titansized.com/ Justin Stewart

      Certainly couldn’t hurt!

    • josh gunnels

      I would too. the problem is that the DEs won’t be around in the second!

  • titianman87

    if we sign the de from chicago then wr or corner is a given. i like trufant

    • http://www.titansized.com/ Justin Stewart

      What WR would you like then? Patterson?

  • Joshua Maloney

    Gotta go Warmack in the 1st if he is still there at 10, he is battle-tested and proven, no safer bet in the draft…then hope a decent CB is left in the second

    • http://www.titansized.com/ Justin Stewart

      A lot of drafts have been having us take Cooper instead of Warmack, though they haven’t given the reason for Cooper overtaking Warmack.

    • josh gunnels

      I keep thinking more and more they’re going to go the other way around. CB then G

  • http://www.facebook.com/bennie.guardado Bennie Guardado

    I personally don’t think the Titans have the luxury to take the safe pick in the first two rounds this year. So we will not see an o-lineman pick here. They need to nail their first two picks by picking immediate play makers that can breath life into this defense. I would like to see them pick aggressive guys with high motors. They will find this in the first round by finally addressing the end of the d-line by grabbing Bjoern Werner. I love this guys motor and from what I can see he seems like he has good character.(I am sick of this metal cases the Titans seem to always bring in)

    In round two the Titans will continue to bolster the aggression of the defense by grabbing safety Eric Reid from LSU. I love everything I have seen from this kid. He plays hard and aggressive. I think he will be a huge play maker in the NFL. He is also very solid in the pass and run. He is my personal favorite prospect coming out of this class. Not saying he is the best but I really like watching this kid play. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Reid in two tone blue next year.

    In short:

    1. Defensive End Bjoern Werner
    2. Safety Eric Reid

    • http://twitter.com/hoodrich615 rodrell vaughn

      Remember how painful it was to watch all those 3 and outs??? Yea, it sucked bad seeing that so I’m placing a safe bet that we go offense this draft

      • http://www.facebook.com/bennie.guardado Bennie Guardado

        Yea, but I also remember watching a defense that was dead last in total points last year. Letting up a franchise high 471 points. Giving up 50+ points twice, 40+ points once and 30+ points four times. I know that a lot of 3 and outs don’t help a defense, however; there were bigger problems than the defense just getting tired because the offense couldn’t stay on the field.

        Munchak and Co. have made it very clear they want to bring back the tough and aggressive mindset this team used to be known for. They have proven they are dedicated to that by grabbing some physical guys in this year’s FA. They will continue to prove this going into the draft by looking for aggressive and physical guys on defense in this draft. It says a lot about the Titans mind set going into the draft that they didn’t even try to grab a DE in the FA. Although having a solid OG on the other side of Levitre is still a need, it is not our biggest right now.

        Also I agree with Josh Gunnels that with Johnson, Britt, Wright, Washington, and Walker this offense has enough weapons this year to make something happen. What we lack is play makers on defense.

        This is why I think with the first two rounds of the 2013 draft the Titans will be grabbing the best DE/S/CB/DT available with their picks. I would prioritize the positions in that order as well.

        • josh gunnels

          i am leaning more and more this way. Defense was worse than offense as bad as the offense was!

    • josh gunnels

      I would be happy with those picks BUT i would almost argue that they don’t have the luxury to not take the safe picks. swing and miss on your first two round guys and this entire regime could be gone.
      They need someone proven in the first round pickig as high as 10. period. not someone with potential

  • Mark Johnson

    1.Kenny Vaccaro ss, 2.Eric Reid ss, 3. Dallas Thomas, G OT/

    Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU 4..William Gholston Michigan State DE/

    5. Trevardo Williams, DE OLB, Connecticut/ 7.Brandon McGee Miami (FL) CB/

    Zac Stacy, RB, Vanderbilt trade a 2014 7 round or pick up in fa/

    Jordan Rodgers, QB pick up in fa

    this is what I like to see happen.

    • http://twitter.com/hoodrich615 rodrell vaughn

      Aw!! Whew!! I thought that was a mock draft… Awful

    • http://www.titansized.com/ Justin Stewart

      No way the Titans would take two safeties is a row, especially after picking up two in free agency.

      As for Gholston, he just scares me because of his cousin flaming out in the NFL.

  • Eric Smith

    Although Warmack and Cooper look like studs at the guard position, I think that if the Titans can get Ansah it would be great. He reminds me of JPP from the Giants and I think that Warford can turn into a very good guard for years to come

    • http://www.titansized.com/ Justin Stewart

      Yeah. People say Warmack looks like a perennial Pro Bowler. It’ll be interesting to see who’s actually on the board at 10. Milliner, a DE, or a OG should be where they’re looking.