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Tennessee Titans: One Last Hope


The Tennessee Titans were awarded a prime time game this Monday night, the 17th,  against the NY Jets.  There isn’t a Titan fan in the world that didn’t circle this game the moment the schedule came out last summer.  The Sanchez/ Tebow/Rex Ryan circus is coming to town, to our house, under the lights, for Monday Night Football!

But how should I feel?

After the Jacksonville Jaguars loss, I had written this team off.  I had said I was done, didn’t care and would no longer harbor an ounce of hope until next year.  You can’t be disappointed if you have no expectations, right?  It’s actually a lot easier to watch your team as a fan then you know they stink, and can just enjoy the few moments of excitement when they play well or even pull out a win.

So I entered the next week against the Houston Texans expecting a blow out.  The Titans actually hung in there and played tougher than expected.  Great!  I didn’t even get upset when they shot themselves in the foot repeatedly, dropped 8 passes, and actually had chances to make the game close.  It’s all good.

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But then it happened.  Colts Week.  We can beat the Colts right?  Heck, we beat them last time if not for an early whistle taking back a fumble recovery.  As the week progressed I put more and more stock in the idea that the Colts were over hyped  and that the Titans would get out of their own way and take care of business.  And boy did they… for half the game.  I wanted a win so bad over our divisions Evil Empire that I actually made myself believe that it could happen.  Couple that with the way the first half went, and this loss stung deep.  I had convinced myself that this was the last game of the season that was even worth playing.  After the loss, I said I was done.  No more.

But how weak I am!  Pining for a Titans win like a lovesick schoolboy after the girl next door.

So here I am, with hope slowly building as each day goes by, and I distance myself from the latest let down by my team.  Like an unrequited lover, hope slowly builds as time passes from the latest rejection.  Maybe this time will be special, maybe this weekend she’ll love me.

Much like the Colts game, I feel like there’s something extra to play for on Monday Night at home.  We can play spoiler for the Jets, and there will be plenty of media attention for better or worse.  I can’t help but hope one last time that the Titans have heart, can play for pride in front of the entire nation, and get a win at home this Monday Night.   Go Titans…my heart can only take so much.


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  • Justin Stewart

    Ha ha ha. The life of a Titans fan… At least we’ve got heart. I’d love to see them thump the Jets. Half of me is saying, “How dare you even have hope!” though…

    • josh gunnels

      absolutey. at some point i need to realize that the problem is with myself and not with the team!

  • Shawn Eagle

    I hate to say it but if they lose they move up in the draft…..and I’m for moving up in the draft. Think of how pissed we as fans will be if we miss a few great players by one pick.

    • Justin Stewart

      And I like our odds of getting a good defensive player. I think this is a good draft for defense.

  • PastyRasta

    This makes me absolutely sick I cold have written this exact article.I must be a glutton for punishment. I have already resorted to looking at mock drafts, looking at how many teams with fewer losses than the Titans still have to play each other and as much as I want them to beat the Jets on national TV and how little I can stomach a home loss to J’Ville behind Chad Henne of all people we actually may need those losses to have any shot at Manti Te’o. It’s just a sick,versatile,athletic, fast,& smart group of linebackers that within a year could establish itself as one of if not the best group of backers in the NFL. I love me some Colin McCarthy but he’s just too injury prone and Zach Brown’s pure speed and smart, Akeem Ayers a developing pass rusher and solid run stopper and Manti Te’o who’s just got Junior Seau, Mike Singletary, and Ray Lewis written all over him. To me they look like a trio of backers that could go down as a legendary trio like the Steelers of the ’70′s, Giants of the 80′s or the Saints of the early 90′s.So I’m torn the draft is loaded with OL and DL and Tennessee needs both but I’ll take a loss to J’Ville if it means they have a shot to draft Tae’o

    • Justin Stewart

      Hard to pass on a talent resembling Ray Lewis and the like. This defense definitely needs some heart. It wouldn’t exactly mean the end of McCarthy either, though it would obviously take the main chunk of his playing time. Perhaps Gray would be able to figure out a way to use them both.

      Who knows? All we can do is wait for the draft, and try not to sicken ourselves with hoping for a higher draft pick.

      • Shawn Eagle

        Draft Te’o…switch to a 3-4 and have him and McCarthy playing….that sounds nice!!!

        • Justin Stewart

          I think I’d puke if we switched to a 3-4.

          • josh gunnels

            Think Casey could hold up at nose tackle?

          • Justin Stewart


  • Andraus Hill

    WIth all of the issues we have and all of the holes we need to be filled on this team there is NO WAY anyone can give me a good reason why we need to take te’o Our linebacking core is the brightest spot on our defense

    • Justin Stewart

      Hard to turn down a superstar potential player. Sometimes you’ve got to go against your needs.

      What holes do you think we have? I see Safety, and some depth at DE, as well as the O-line. That’s about it.

      • josh gunnels

        That’s the main bulk of it . Safety,DE and o-line. But if Webster sticks to form then and manti is there, then they’ll take best player available. Whether we “need” them or not

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